On this, the home page of LWM Music, one can find news about what is going on with LWM Music and what endeavors Lawrence W. Moore is currently working on. Moore is an active composer within the South Florida new music scene and he is very active in creating educational content for those who wish to learn about electro-acoustic music and the creation of multimedia art.

A Time of Tribulation - A Time for Temperance


A Time of Triulation - A Time for Temperance by Lawrence W. Moore


Lawrence W. Moore will be presenting his latest piece on Friday, May 27, 2016 in a world premiere of A Time of Tribulation - A Time for Temperance. The piece is for live analog synthesizer modules, performed by Moore, and fixed audio and video media. The music is a haunting and hypnotic experience of analog synthesizer modules, both recorded and performed live. The video is a dark, but hopeful fractal animation of Christian symbology and organic matter. The piece is inspired by the state in which we sometimes find ourselves where the obstacles seem to high and too long to traverse as opportunities, and hope itself seem to fade away. All we can do when all directions are blocked is build ourselves stronger and purge ourselves of that which no longer serves our growth. In these times of tribulation, temperance is often the only act we can engage in.

The event is the Compositum Musicae Novae Electro-Acoustic Music Concert being held at 7:00pm at the Coral Gables Museum, Friday May 27th. For more information and directions, please visit the event page or the CMN Arts home page.

Learning Synthesis with Pure Data Lesson03 - Waveshaping and Phase



Lesson 03 has just been released! In this lesson, we explore waveshaping as a synthesis technique. The lesson shows how important math is to the alteration of wave-shapes, and how one can build the 4 basic wave shapes using this technique, including sine, square/pulse, triangle, and sawtooth. As usual, all of these concepts are explained in a straightforward manner without lofty terms. This is a good lesson for visual learners. Please visit the learning page for more lessons in the series, Learning Synthesis with Pure Data.

Pure Data Patches




Dr. Lawrence W. Moore is now releasing some of his Pure Data patches to the public. Moore has been designing some audio and MIDI tools, synthesizers, modules, effects, and other useful creations for open source release. Each release will include and instructional video that shows one how to use the software, but also a construction tutorial so one can learn how the software was built, and therefore how one can customize his or her own patch for his or her own use. The first of these patches, Audio Output Recording Deck as now been released with its instructional video. The software can be found on the software page.

Lesson 02 of Learning Synthesis with Pure Data



Learning Synthesis with Pure Data was launched on April 23, 2016 and is Dr. Lawrence W. Moore's tutorial series on synthesis using the open-source programming environment, Pure Data, as the teaching aid. The series has been well-received by electro0acoustic composers, sound engineers, and computer music enthusiasts alike. Lesson 02 is already here and covers an important subject in sound design, namely the frequency spectrum with overtones, harmonics, and partials as the chief subject of focus. Additive synthesis is also introduced in this lesson as one of the major approaches to coloring the spectrum and synthesizing sound. For lesson materials and other lessons in the series, please visit the learning

Lesson 01 of Learning Synthesis with Pure Data



Dr. Lawrence W. Moore has released the first lesson of his new video tutorial series, Learning Synthesis with Pure Data. This series is useful for both those who wish to learn about synthesis and those who wish to learn about the Pure Data programming environment. Since Pure Data is very open-ended and is essentially a programming environment, one can learn synthesis by building synthesizers. PD doesn't hide anything, so the student can really learn the fundamentals of synthesis and how different approaches ant techniques are put together to generate different sounds. As Pure Data is an open source programming environment, one can build his or her own software in PD, so it is a valuable piece of software to learn. For lesson materials, please visit the learning page.

New YouTube Channel

In order to keep professional content separate from personal content, Lawrence W. Moore has created a new YouTube channel for LWM Music. This channel will serve as a place to maintain Moore's video compositions as well as learning tutorials. Because many of the pieces needed to be uploaded again, the statistics are low for viewership and subscriptions. Please stop by the channel and subscribe to it so you can see new videos as they are added.

Miami-Dade College Kendall Campus Arts & Letters Day

End Cycle Begin was performed as one of the Arts & Letters day presentations at MDC Kendall Campus on April 6th, 2016. This performance was part of a lecture and performance presentation in which Lawrence W. Moore presented the piece and spoke about its creation as well as some of the other works he has in store for the Psyche Electro-Acoustic Opera Company, founded by his wife and fellow composer, Liza Seigido. The dancer and choreographer for the piece, Brigette Cormier also spoke briefly about her choreography and how she, as a dancer, approaches interpretive dance for musical compositions. The performance also included the aforementioned, Liza Seigido, in a vocal performance int eh piece. A video recording was made of the performance and will be presented here on the website after it is fully edited.

Collaboration with Brigette Cormier

In recent months, Lawrence W. Moore has been composing and producing video material for a multimedia short opera entitled Shibeth. Shibeth is a story that explores the subject of what may come to pass after the physical life ends. Moore has chosen to explore this topic in both a mystical and metaphysical way in this opera, combining the elements of processed voice, analog electronics, video art, and dance. For voice, Moore is continuing to work with his wife and fellow composer/vocalist, Liza Seigido and has chosen to work with the very talented, Brigette Cormier, founder of the BC Dance Company. The performance of analog electronics and the video production comprise Moore's role in the project.

The first scene of the opera was finished last fall, and it is entitled End Cycle Begin. This piece portrays the first encounter that Shibeth has after passing on from the mortal world. The part of Shibeth is portrayed by Cormier, who expresses the character through dance. Seigido is the voice that Shibeth hears in her experience. The voice seems to be a guide, but also seems to have a sinister side to her intentions. The scene begs the question as to whether or not the new state of being that has just opened up to Shibeth is intended to be a mere recycling of her consciousness that would erase her individuality and eliminate her existence, or is it a ploy by some negative entity to get her to give herself up needlessly.


This video was filmed the October, 2015 Kendall Sound Art concert.


Thus far, this first scene has been performed in the October 2015 concert of the Kendall Sound Art concert series and the January, 206 Muse concert from the Compositum Musicae Novae concert series. The next performance of the piece will be with the second scene included and will be held during the Arts & Letters Day series of events at Miami-Dade College Kendall Campus. There will be an additional announcement with more details about this performance coming soon.