Recent Endeavors

CMN Red and White Concert

Dr. Lawrence W. Moore is a board member of Compositum Musicae Novae, an organization that seeks to further the performance of new music and the presentation of new works and performances of art int he South Florida area. As a recent addition to the board, Moore has been engaged in activities related to the coordination of their quarterly concerts presentations. Dr. Moore is a Composer/Performer Liaison in CMN, and as such, facilitates the selection of pieces and musicians for the performances. In the recent Red and White concert held on June 19, 2015, Moore ran the sound for the event and presented one of his own works, Spectral Voices int he Light. The concert was well-populated with an audience of over 100 people, filling the auditorium at the Coral Gables Museum. The concert program featured many other fine composers, such as Federico Bonacossa, Ferdinando De Sena, and Gilbert Kong. The event also featured the visual art of many of South Florida's local artists.


Interactions 2015 - Hosted by Miami International university

Dr. Lawrence W. Moore is part of the faculty at the Miami International University of Art and Design, where he teaches courses such as Synthesis and Sound Design, Audio for Interactive Media, Audio Recording, and Production Sound. In teaching the synthesis courses at MIU, Moore has taken the courses to new heights in which the students are learning to develop their own software-based instruments, using Pure Data. MIU held its first exhibit for student and faculty in which exhibits that involve interaction between sound, multimedia, and the user were presented. Moore's wife, Dr. Liza Seigido, who also teaches at MIU has been teaching a course in Interactive Music. Moore and Seigido coordinated this event in order to present their students' work in interactive audio and multimedia as well as their own. The event was a great success and entertained and intrigued many visitors. Moore presented a virtual instrument that he designed called Golden Wave Binaural Beating Synthesizer, which is set to be released soon after the tutorial videos are finalized. This synthesizer uses the golden number from the combined worlds of architecture and art as a method for designing sound and "quasi-harmonics" to color the sound. The software will be presented on the software page soon, when it is officially released.

Subtropics XXIII

Dr. Lawrence W. Moore presented Will at the Subtropics XXIII concert seires this March, 2015

Every two years, the South Florida electro-acoustic and new music communities come together to take part in Subtropics, a biennial series of concerts featuring local and national talent in the multimedia arts. Subtropics is managed by South Florida's EA legend, Gustavo Matamoros. In this edition of Subtropics, numbered 23, Dr. Lawrence W. Moore presented Will from the Meditation Mandalas series of fixed audio and video art. The piece enjoyed great appreciation from the audience at Audiotheque on Miami Beach on March 7th, 2015, when it was presented. This piece explores the rhythmic pulsing and fractal imagery that is custom to the Meditation Mandalas series of pieces. It is designed as both a meditation to help one focus on their will during states of inner silence as well as a piece of art that can be enjoyed without meditation.

Please visit the Videos page to see more of Dr. Moore's video music compositions.

Collaboration with Dancer and Choreographer, JoAnna M. Ursal

JoAnna M. Ursal, dancer and choreographer

Dr. Lawrence W. Moore has recently presented his piece, Establishment for EWI and fixed audio and video media at the February, 7 2015 Compositum Musicae Novae Concert held in the Coral Gables Museum. The capacity crowd was treated to a new version of the piece with an added element that took the piece to a whole new level of profundity and meaning. Dancer and choreographer, JoAnna Ursal, performed a trance-inducing and spectacularly beautiful self-choreographed interpretive dance performance that drew the essence from the piece and manifested in physical motion.

After submitting Establishment for consideration to be presented in the concert, I received a call back from Miguel Nieves, of CMN, who asked me if I would talk to one of the board members, a dancer and choreographer named JoAnna Ural. He told me that she was interested in the piece and was wondering if I would like to present it with interpretive dance. I spoke with JoAnna over the phone several times before the concert, but we never met and we did not rehearse until the day of the concert. ON the day of the concert, JoAnna performed on a dry-run of the piece with the video, and what she did was utterly amazing. She utilized my idea of using a white cloth to integrate the video projection with her body form, and she took it to a level that I did not envision, and was blown away with the result.


What's on the Horizon

New Sound Designs Coming

PD Logo

Dr. Moore has been working in Sound Design quite intensively in recent weeks and months. As a result, he has been working in Pure Data, Reaktor, and SynthEdit to create some new instruments and audio effects. In the PD creations, there is a great diversity of functions that his new creations will serve. some of the creations are straight-forward instruments that can be used with MIDI and other creations are more in the realm of specialized compositional tools. Moore has been creating some Reaktor Ensembles that will soon be made public These instruments will combine the ease of a VST instrument, which Reaktor ensembles are with some out-of-the-box creativity that Lawrence W. Moore's sound designs are known for. Moore is experimenting with SynthEdit and is designing some synthesizers. It has yet to be decided whether Moore will release some independent VST plugins or Reaktor ensembles that use the free Reaktor Player for musicians to use Reaktor ensembles as VST plugins without actually purchasing Reaktor.

The Return of Wayfarer Music

Lawrence W. Moore of Wayfarer music

Liza Seigido of Wayfarer music

After a 3-4 year hiatus, Lawrence W. Moore has started to focus on Wayfarer music once again in his compositional time. The exploration of the more academic, ivory-tower sound has led Moore into a less-inspired state compositionally and he is now finding more fulfillment in returning to the original sound of Wayfarer while incorporating some of the gems he has discovered in recent years from the experimentation with programming and in-depth sound design. These skills of creation can be focused on music that has more heart and soul to it, and that is exactly what the new Wayfarer music has. In addition to Moore's compositional rejuvenation, the new sound of Wayfarer will also include the contributions of Moore's wife and colleague, Liza Seigido, who is a phenomenally creative vocalist and composer in her own right. This new sound will combine a return to the spirit of Wayfarer along with a journey to new realms of creativity. The work that Seigido and Moore are embarking on now is in line with the true meaning of Wayfarer.