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Dr. Lawrence W. Moore is the Composer and Video Artist behind Wayfarer music videos.

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Kendall Sound Art

Dr. Lawrence W. Moore and his wife and fellow composer, Dr.Liza Seigido, are the founders of the Kendall Sound ArtConcert Series.

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Wayfarer and similar artists are featured on theWayfarer internet radio station at Jango.

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Wayfarer Music

Dr. Lawrence W. Moore is the Composer/Producer behindWayfarer music.

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Collaboration with Dancer and Choreographer, JoAnna M.

JoAnna M. Ursal, dancer and choreographer

Dr. Lawrence W. Moore has recently presented his piece, Establishment for EWI and fixed audio and video media at the February, 7 2015 Compositum Musicae Novae Concert held in the Coral Gables Museum. The capacity crowd was treated to a new version of the piece with an added element that took the piece to a whole new level of profundity and meaning. Dancer and choreographer, JoAnna Ursal, performed a trance-inducing and spectacularly beautiful self-choreographed interpretive dance performance that drew the essence from the piece and manifested in physical motion.

After submitting Establishment for consideration to be presented in the concert, I received a call back from Miguel Nieves, of CMN, who asked me if I would talk to one of the board members, a dancer and choreographer named JoAnna Ural. He told me that she was interested in the piece and was wondering if I would like to present it with interpretive dance. I spoke with JoAnna over the phone several times before the concert, but we never met and we did not rehearse until the day of the concert. ON the day of the concert, JoAnna performed on a dry-run of the piece with the video, and what she did was utterly amazing. She utilized my idea of using a white cloth to integrate the video projection with her body form, and she took it to a level that I did not envision, and was blown away witht he result.

Fall, 2014

Dr. Lawrence W. Moore is an active member of the South Florida Art music community. He is a co-founder of the Kendall Sound Art Concert Series, and is hosting guest composers and performers on the second Saturday of each month. Moore also is involved in various local performances of his own music as well as various collaborations with other artists. Below are mentions of some of Dr. Moore's recent activities and endeavors.

New Music Concert at Miami-Dade College

Federico Bonacossa at Kendall Sound Art

Federico Bonacossa, LizaSeigido, and Dr. Lawrence W. Moore have been proactive as faculty at Miami-Dade College in promoting new music at MDC. On November 6, 2014, Federico Bonacossa organized anew music concert at MDC, one in a line of yearly concerts that have been presented, featuring the music of the aforementioned MDC faculty members. In this most recent concert,faculty contributions grew as trombonist, David Brubeck,flutist, Oderlyn Gutierez, and guitarist, and Tom Lippincott all joined in as performers in the concert.Additionally, Tom Lippincott and David Brubeck also presented original works that they composed. The concert featured mostly electro-acoustic music that spanned a variety of musical influences. These developments in new music composition and performance at MDC has caught on and is leading to exciting new collaborations among the fine music faculty at MDC Kendall. Please stay tuned for announcements of future concerts. Lawrence W. Moore presented his pieces, Will for fixed audio and video playback and Charming of the Snake, for tenor saxophone, tablet, and fixed audio playback.Dr. Moore performed the tenor saxophone on the latter.

The coordinator of the concert, Federico Bonacossa is a strong advocate for presenting new music to the general public. He has also been a frequent guest at the Kendall Sound Art concert series.

I am Sitting in Another Room

Liza Seigido and her dan ty ba MIDI controller

Jorge Gomez at Kendall Sound Art

Dr. Lawrence W. Moore has recently participated in performing a new piece by Dr. Susan Epstein Garcia, from the New WorldSchool of the Arts. Dr. Epstein Garcia has recently been learning the computer music programming language MAX/MSP and has composed a piece entitled I am Sitting in Another Room, which pays homage to the piece I am Sitting in a Room byAlvin Lucier. The piece calls for 6 performers to utilize Dr. EpsteinGarcia's MAX/MSP patch from their laptops as they process and perform in real time the selected audio files that the composer has created.These audio files are a variety of sounds that Dr. Epstein Garcia made through her MAX/MSP training and are inspired elements from the perspective of sitting in her patio. The piece has been performed twice this far, once for the Kendall Sound Art October, 2014concert and once for the CompositumNovae Musicae fall concert in October.

Dr. Moore created his own patch in Pure Data(PD) to perform and process his portion of the audio clips, while his wife and fellow composer, Liza Seigido created her own MIDI controller from a dan ty ba that she fitted with electrical wiring to trigger signals. The performances of the piece also utilized somegreatSouth Florida-based composers as performers, such as FedericoBonacossa, Jorge Gomez, and Brian Del Toro.

What's on the Horizon

Lawrence W. Moore always has plenty of things int he pipeline. Here are some of the upcoming collaborations and Personal works.

Upcoming Collaboration with DavidBrubeck

David Brubeck, trombonist

Dr. Lawrence W. Moore has been working with the greatSouth Florida-based trombonist, DavidBrubeck on a piece for trombone and fixed audio and video media. The piece will be a theme and variations that Moore is writings a series of sound poems dedicated to Brubeck. David Brubeck has been making a strong case for the trombone and specifically, the bass trombone as a lyrical, solo instrument in the baritone range. It has great possibilities as a substitute for the human voice and brings a lot of possibilities with its complex tone. The piece will hopefully be completed during the upcoming semester break, just in time for the new year.

Pure Data

After some time exploring other tools, Lawrence W. Moore has returned to Pure Data once again, for some more programming enjoyment. PD is a powerful programming language for computer musicians who wish to develop their own software environments for music creations. Dr. Moore has been delving into PD more recently for teaching purposes in his synthesis classes at the Art Institute. This time with the software has inspired Moore to create more software environments for composing. Moore has some PD patches he has been working on that will soon be posted on the software page.

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