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In this week's episode of Sunday Night Synthesis, the series returns from hiatus highlighting a very interesting piece of software that models Eurorack modular synthesizer components, called VCV Rack. Lawrence W. Moore introduces the software and some of its basic plugins and modules, including those from the Core set, Fundamental set, and Befaco set. Al of the plugins used in this video are free downloads.

VCV Rack is a great learning tool for analog modular synthesis, and does provide a pretty decent set of tools for building some great sounding synthesizers. You just need to know what you're doing. Viewers are invited to leave comments as to whether or not they would like to see more videos on VCV Rack, either tutorial videos or videos on building some instruments in the software.

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The latest news from LWM Music is the website update and some fixes/updates that have been made to the YouTube channel. This inaugural video explains the updates and the reorganization of the website. Dr. Lawrence W. Moore hopes that viewers and subscribers enjoy the new look and find it easy to navigate.

Now that the website will be easier to maintain, videos will be produced with more frequency. Sunday Night Synthesis will continue to be a potpourri of synthesis topics, but will no longer be used for announcements. The new series, LWM Music News will be used for that.

Learning Synthesis with Pure Data will continue to be a software synthesis development series and the LWM Rack software development will continue. Learning Electronic Music Production with Reason shall also continue. There is a potential for a series on utilizing MobMuPlat for GUI development in using Pure Data to build synthesizers, effects processors, and mother music production tools for mobile devices.

As always, Dr. Lawrence W. Moore is open to requested topics and ideas for future videos.

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LWM Music News

See more news updates from the past by going to the News page at LWM Music. The news page is where announcements are archived. These announcements include site announcements and notable endeavors that Dr. Lawrence W. Moore is working on.

LWM Music

Dr. Lawrence W. Moore of LWM Music

LWM Music is a website maintained by Dr. Lawrence W. Moore. Dr. Moore is a composer of electro-acoustic music and a multimedia artist whose interests include synthesis, sound design, video art, interactive systems, and multimedia software development. This website serves as a hub for his art and his tutorials. Moore feels that education is an important thing for artists, and the sharing of knowledge helps us all fuel our inspiration and abilities to utilize technological tools that are beneficial for the creation of our art.

Lawrence's music, video art, software developments, and learning tutorials are housed on this website in tandem with the LWM Music YouTube channel. Please subscribe to the channel if you like the content that you have found and be sure to press the "like" button on videos that you find helpful or entertaining. Viewers are encouraged to leave comments on the videos and ask questions if they have them. You will soon find that you are in a community of people with similar interests who are also asking questions, making suggestions, posting requests, and engaging in discussions to help them further their own art and software developments.


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In addition to the art music and academic endeavors that you find at LWM Music, Dr. Lawrence W. Moore also composes music that draws upon his interest in fantasy and mysticism, called Wayfarer. This music and accompanying media is hosted at The Music of Wayfarer website. Please check it out when you have a chance.

Psyche Electro-Acoustic Opera Company

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Dr. Moore also works with his wife and fellow composer/multimedia artist, Liza Seigido in the production of electro-acoustic/multimedia opera productions. The Psyche Electro-Acoustic Opera Company is an adventurous project that presents short operas that utilize video, lighting, electronic music, and modern staging to present powerful stories set to music. Please visit the website to find out more about this project and see some video excerpts of concert performances and some of Seigido's tutorials on interactive music and media.