Bimonthly Concerts

Kendall Sound Art is a free concert series that features some of South Florida's greatest composers and performers. The concert series is held on the first Saturday of the even months of the year, February, April, June, August, October, and December. The home of the concert series is the West End Regional Public Library on10201 Hammocks Blvd., Miami, FL 33196 (Phone: 305-385-7135). Concerts are held at 3pm in the afternoon and last about an hour. Audiences of all ages are welcome.

Concert 38: December 3, 2016

KSA's final concert

Concert Program

The upcoming KSA concert will be the finaconcert of the year 2016 and the final regular, bimonthly concert. From now on, KSA will only be scheduling events a few times throughout the year, and only when pre-announced. This final concert will be a great closing for such a great series that we have had over the last 3-4 years. KSA co-founders, Liza Seigido and Lawrence W. moore will be joined by Armando Rodriquez, one of KSA's most regular guest composers in a climactic concert to celebrate the success of the series.

Concert 37: October 1, 2016

Kendall Sound Art featuring Lajos Zeke

Dr. Lajos Zeke Presents:
B - A - C - H, Traistan Music
Two Fugues, Two Chords
Tonality's White Hole

Dr. Lajos Zeke of the New World School of the Arts will be presenting a lecture concert this Saturday. Dr. Zeke is a musicologist, music theorist, and and scholar of many disciplines in the humanities. His topic is supposed to be an enigma at this point. One would ahve to come to have myster revealed. As always, it promises to be a very intriguing subject as presented by a very-well researched explorer of the art of composition.

As always, the presentation is free and open to the public and begins at 3pm at the West End Regional Public Library.

Concert 36: August 6, 2016

Kendall Sound Art features two travelers, Liza Seigido, and Lawrence W. Moore

Two Travelers: Liza Seigido and Lawrence W. Moore

This KSA concert iwaa preview of what is to come from the work that Liza Seigido and Lawrence W. Moore are currently involved in. In the creation of the Psyche Electro-Acoustic Opera Company, Moore and Seigido are composing music that involves elements of ethnic music from around the world, transformed through electronic processing. This KSA concert was entirely composed of new music from Moore and Seigido that have not been performed before. The music is very powerful, and promises to be exiting and inspiring to all kinds of music lovers. Each moment in the concert was filled with energy and intensity ranging from the very quiet to the very loud and from the very sparse to the very thick. The audience xperienced a very positive and mysterious energy that permeates the music.

Concert 35: June 4, 2016

Kendall Sound Art invite for June 2016 featuring Armando Rodriquez Ruidiaz

Armando Rodriquez Ruidiaz

KSA welcomed back one of the founding electro-acoustic and new music composers in South Florida, Armando Rodriquez Ruidiaz. Armando's music is very imaginative and deeply creative. He draws upon many influences, but one can always expect the unexpected with his music. The concert will also feature the excelent guitar work of Jorge Gomez and the vocal talents of KSA co-founder, Liza Seigido. As usual, the concert is free and begins at 3pm in the West End Regional Public Library.

Concert 34: April 2, 201

Kendall Sound Art invite for April 2016

Liza Seigido and Lawrence W. Moore

This concert featured the music of KSA co-founder, Lawrence W. Moore and Liza Seigido. Seigido and Moore presented pieces that showcased their many talents. Both Moore and Seigido are video artists as well as composers. Both also engage in performance in addition to the writing and engineering of their music. The works in this program are primarily be electro-acoustic in nature, but will span multiple styles of art music. The program included both the digital medium as well as the analog electronic medium.

Concert 33: February 6, 2016

Jason Calloway, featured artist in the Kendall Sound Art Febuary 6, 2016 concert

Jason Calloway

It was wonderful to have Jason Calloway share his virtuoso cello playing with our KSA audience again. Calloway selected a program of new music that included internationally-known composers as well as South Florida-based composers. Each piece was performed with powerful emotion and razor-sharp precision. Two of the composers on the program included Orlando Garcia, Professor Composition at Florida International University and Emmanuel Berrido, a graduate of the composition program at FIU. Garcia, while being a local composer is also internationally known as a new music composer. Calloway provided an excellent performance of Fragmentos de la Noche, a very powerful piece. Berrido's piece, Asterism, showed how the composer is far more than just an emerging young composer, but a truly excellent one.

Concert 32: December 12, 2015

KSA invite for the December, 2015 concert featuring Karla Gutierrez, Federico Bonacossa, and Edder Rivera

Karla Gutierrez, Federico Bonacossa, and Edder RiveraS

KSA welcomed back one of our long-time artists, Federico Bonacossa (guitarist and composer) as well as the up and coming composer, Karla Gutierrez. Bonacossa presented some of his most recent work which was emotionally gripping and intellectually stimulating as always, and Gutierrez presented a piece for live dancer, Pia Vicioso-Vila, and fixed audio/video media that was absolutely thrilling. Our concert audience was taken aback by this fascinating concert.

Concert 31: November 14, 2015

KSA invite for the November, 2015 concert featuring 6138, Lawrence W. Moore, and Liza Seigido

6138, Lawrence W. Moore, and Liza Seigido

Our KSA audience got a chance to check in on what is new from 6138, our resident, anonymous composer, as well as KSA co-founders, Lawrence W. Moore and Liza Seigido. Moore presented a new work for analog modular synthesis components, including a Moog Werkstat, an Electro-Harmonix step sequencer, and an Electro-Harmonix analog delay. Liza Seigido presented some new renditions of some of her storied vocal live-processing pieces. The performances were excellent.

Concert 30: October 10, 2015

KSA Invite for October, 2015 featuring Catalina Vona Wrangell

Catalina Von Wrangell

KSA welcomed back one of South Florida's newest rising stars in composition, Catalina Von Wrangell. Von Wrangell is an all-around composer who works with both acoustic and electronic media. She often works on pieces that are composed as guided compositions with ore-defined areas of guided improvisation. Catalina once again delighted the KSA with her works. She was accompanied by the extremely talented cellist, Edder Garcia, and even showed off her own excellent clarinet skills. The music was magically entrancing and quite a fresh taste of fine art music.

KSA co-founder, Lawrence W. Moore presented a new piece that is part of an opera that he is composing for mezzo soprano, electronics, video and, and dancer called Shibeth. The opera's opening scene, called End Cycle Begin,was performed for our audience including live electronics work by Moore and a special guest appearance of Brigette Corrmier, one of the most talented dancer/choreographers in South Florida. The program was rounded off by KSA's other co-founder, Liza Seigido, performing a song for soprano and electronics entitled Sirens, from a few years ago, and the Ita Missa Est from her more recent new media mass entitle Missa De La Gran Transizione.

Concert 29: September 12, 2015

KSA Invite for September, 2015 feautring Ferdinando De Sena, Susan Epstein-Garcia, Liza Seigido, and Lawrence W. Moore

Ferdinando De Sena

It is always a great pleasure to have the distinguished composer, Ferdinando De Sena, featured in a KSA concert. De Sena is a well-established composer who has many other successful composers who have studied with him. De Sena treated our audience to a taste of acoustic chamber music, including a piece for flute and classical guitar and some electronic music, featuring a highly-refined production in which intellectual art music rises to higher levels through emotional sensibilities and a very good job of audio engineering by De Sena. The concert also included a piece for the legendary South Florida composer, Dennis Kam, who was in attendance. The piece was based on some selected notes and interval relationships from Kam that were utilized in an alietoric score by De Sena. This piece was performed by Liza Seigido, voice, Susan Epstein-Ga,rcia, Waldorf keyboard, Lawrence Moore, alto saxophone, and Fred De Sena himself on keyboards and laptop.

Concert 28: August 8, 2015

KSA Invite for August, 2015 feautring Armando Rodriquez, Federico Bonacossa, Robert Blatt, Jorge Gomez, Julio Roloff, and Alex Lough

Armando Rodriquez & Friends

Long- time South Florida composer, Armando Rodriquez, brings his unique artistic vision back to KSA with contributions from Liza Seigido, Federico Bonacossa, and members of the new music group, Inlets.

Concert 27: July 11th 2015

KSA Invite for the July, 2015 concert featuring the latest works of Liza Seigido and Lawrence W. moore.

Pictures & Mythology

KSA co-founders, Liza Seigido and Lawrence W. Moore presented some of their latest works in this concert, and shared the stage with the anonymous composer, 6138, whose ambient music creates a relaxing ad, but energizing sound really invigorates an audience. Moore presented a new work for the Moog Wrkstat and 8-step sequencer and Seigido presented an example portion of her upcoming work, Daphne. Seigido presented both musical material sung by herself as well as video material that was mesmerizing.

Concert 26: June, 2015

KSA Invite - Catalina Von Wrangell

Catalina Von Wrangell

The 26th KSA concert featured a very talented up-and-coming composer named Catalina Von Wrangell. Von Wrangle composes music that stimulates the heart as well as the mind. Von Wrangell's music is a breath of fresh air in the South Florida new music scene as she elicits compelling music from both acoustic and electro-acoustic media while maintaining an efficiency of elements and a grace that leaves the listener wanting more. This concert also included the excellent cello playing of Edder Rivera.

Concert 25: May, 2015

Armando Rodriquez, new music composer, present at Kendall Sound Art in May, 2015

Armando Rodriquez

Armando Rodriquez delighted the KSA audience with some more of his works for new media. Rodriquez presented some more video works that were truly fantastic and poignant as well as some electro-acoustic works that combined his love of the abstract with his sense of expressiveness.