About Kendall Sound Art

West Kendall REgional Public Library

Kendall Sound Art is a bimonthly concert series held at the West End Regional Public Library on the first Saturday of every even-numbered month (February, April, June, August, October, and December) at 3:00pm. KSA feature new music composers and performers to bring art music to the general listening public in South Flora with a special focus on bringing more art to Kendall.

Mission Statement

Kendall Sound Art logo

Kendall Sound Art is a South Florida-based concert series that was founded by Dr. Liza Seigido and Dr. Lawrence W. Moore. Moore and Seigido are composers and video artists who are new music and multimedia artists. They put toget6her the KSA concert series in an effort to bring new art music out of the ivory towers of academia and in the public arena where it can be appreciated by the general public. Seigido and Moore believe that for too long, new music composers have frequently had the attitude that their music was too intellectual for the masses to appreciate and that only in academia or in exclusive art clique environments could their music be understood. Moore and Seigido believe that if a composer's music touches the composer's own heart and mind, then it should be able to reach others as well. The snooty attitude that many modern composers have is an elitist one and it does not serve the art, the composer, nor the people well to have such an attitude. Many of these same composers strive to get public funding and are more than happy to take money from the taxpayer involuntarily and then turn around and treat their patrons with such contempt. Such attitudes give the art world a bad name. Composers should be trying to embrace the general public and encourage their appreciation as much as possible. Not everyone will appreciate all forms of music, but it is the artist's job to keep looking for those who will.

KSA is a free concert series in which there is never a charge for admission. At the same time, KSA is not a "non for profit" entity that makes money from grants paid for by the taxpayers. KSA receives no public funding and is a an effort in good faith to expose the general public to more and more art music and sound creations so that artists may in the future benefit from a more open and interested general listening audience, which in turn, will open up more avenues for voluntary patronage by the general public as opposed to the involuntary form of patronage that today's artists seem to covert so much and find so preferable.

The Founders

Dr. Liza Seigido

Dr. Liza Seigido, co-founder of Kendall Sound Art concert series

Dr. Liza Seigido is a Miami-based composer, performer, music-educator, and co-founder/coordinator of the Kendall Sound Art concert series. Her formal training in composition began with Dr. Susan Epstein-Garcia and Professor Jorge Ibañez at New World School of the Arts College in downtown Miami. Liza, a recipient of multiple scholarships (including four grants from the Hispanic Scholarship Fund), holds a Master of Music degree from Florida International University where she studied composition under Prof. Fredrick Kaufman. She also served as a teaching assistant for FIU’s composition program. After graduating from FIU, Liza was accepted into the University of Miami’s doctoral composition program and was awarded a full tuition scholarship and teaching assistantship. While at UM, she studied composition under Dr. Lansing Mcloskey and Dr. Charles Mason, and was a founding member of Fridamusiq—a Miami-based avant-garde improvisational ensemble. Liza is currently teaching at Miami Dade College and at the Superior Academy of Music. Her music has been performed across the United States and in Prague, Czech Republic.

Dr. Lawrence W. Moore

Dr. Lawrence w. Moore, co-founder of the Kendall Sound Art Concert Series

Dr. Lawrence W. Moore is a composer and video artist who specializes in electro-acoustic compositions and chamber music. He does extensive work in synthesis, sound design, and software design for sound creation. Dr. Moore is also an audio engineer and all-around music and audio technology specialist. Moore currently teaches at Miami International University and Miami-Dade College. He is also the composer and producer behind Wayfarer music, which is an imaginative breed of new age, experimental, and world music influenced music that engages in the world of spirit and the metaphysical. For more information about his music and professional endeavors, please visit LWM Music. For more information about Wayfarer music please visit The Music of Wayfarer.