Kendall Soud Art is Featuring Miguel Nieves for the November, 2014 Concert

November 3, 2014 in Concerts

KSA Features Miguel Nieves for November 8, 2014

Miguel Nieves is the featured composer for November, 2014 at Kendall Sound Art

KSA is honored to be presenting Miguel Nieves as the featured composer this month for our November, 8th concert. Miguel is a up and coming composer who has really established his own unique style and sound. He is adventurous in his composition and is doing things outside of the same old-same old that many young composers do. Miguel has been programmed in KSA concerts before, but is now going to be presenting as the featured composer. Miguel will be joined by virtuoso violist, Rafael Ramirez. The piece that will be presented this Saturday promises to be a crowd pleaser as it brought Liza and I to our feet at the CMN fall concert. Liza Seigido and myself, Lawrence W. Moore, will also be presenting some of our new works to round off the program. As usual, the concert will begin at 3pm and is free admission to all members of the public. The concert will also be held at its usual spot, the West Kendall Regional Public Library.

Cyborg: Liza Seigido, Susan Epstein-Garcia, Federico Bonacossa, Amanda Blanco, and Lawrence W. Moore

October 8, 2014 in Concerts

Kendall Sound Art Goes cyborg

KSA Invite - October 2014

For Kendall Sound Art’s October, 2014 concert, we are going to have some fun with electronics and the natural. We have lovingly named this performance “Cybord” because of how the organic and the electronic are going to be combined into a dual aesthetic. All of the presentations will involve some balance between human interacting with machine and the blending of the organic with technology. Dr. Susan Epstein-Garcia will be presenting a new piece for 6 composers and interactive media with nature and organic recordings entitled I am Sitting in Another Room. In addition to this headline performance, Federico Bonacossa will be presenting an interactive between himself and his electronic sound transformations that he is well-known for. Liza Seigido will be presenting a selection from her Multimedia Mass, Missa de la Grande Transizione. Amanda Blanco will be presenting an interactive, multimedia exhibit for our audience members to touch and compose soundscapes with. This will be Amanda’s first presentation at Kendall Sound Art. Lawrence W. Moore will be presenting a new work for live-interactive sample-playback. This concert will be a great opportunity for our audience to come out and see what some of KSA’s founders and composers are doing right now. As always, the concert is free admission is being hosted at the West Kendall Regional Public Library. We’ll see you at 3pm this Saturday!

Cellist, Claudio Jaffe, Returns to Kendall Sound Art on September 13th, 2014

September 8, 2014 in Concerts

KSA is Honored to Present Cellist, Claudio Jaffe Once Again

Claudio Jaffe is the featured performer for the Sptember 2014 Kendall Sound Art concert.

Cellist, Claudio Jaffe, is a world-renowned cellist who calls South Florida his home. He performs with the Del Ray String Quartet and is one of the most sought after performers in South Florida. We at Kendall Sound Art are honored to be presenting Claudio Jaffe once again. In past concerts, Claudio Jaffe has charmed the KSA audience with his impressive cello playing in performances of works by Susan Epstein, Lajos Zeke, and Gilbert Kong. This Saturday, September 13th, Claudio will be the featured performer and will be presenting a program of his own selection. With a master cellist such as Claudio Jaffe, we are more than happy to hear the music that he most wants to present to our audience that day.

As always, Kendall Sound Art concerts are presented at 3pm in the West Kendall Regional Public Library and is open to the public with free admission. Please join us for this fantastic opportunity to hear a world-renowned performer present soem of his favorite works. The program will be rounded off with a piece presented by KSA co-founders, Liza Seigido and Lawrence W. Moore.

Kendall sound Art Features the Music of Armando Rodriguez Ruidiaz

July 21, 2014 in Concerts

Armando Rodriguez is Presenting in the August 2nd, 2014 Concert at KSA

Kendall Sound Art will be featuring Armando Sanchez in the August, 2014 Concert.

Kendall Sound Art is pleased to announce that Armando Rodriguez Ruidiaz will be presenting his music for our audience on August 2nd, 2014 at 3pm. Please note that this August we are presenting the Kendall Sound Art concert on the first Saturday of the month rather than the traditional 2nd Saturday of the month. The concert will take place at 3pm in the usual location, the West Kendall Regional Public Library in the Hammocks Shopping Center on SW 104 st. and Hammocks Blvd.

Armando Rodriguez Ruidiaz is a gifted performer and composer. He loves the music of Galicia, which draws from Celtic influences. In fact he will be performing the Galician bagpipe for us. Armando is also a very gifted electro-acoustic composer and will be presenting some of this multimedia works. Armando will also be joined by the Punto ensemble, which also features Gustavo Matamoros and Julio Roloff. Gustavo Matamoros is an electro-acoustic and found sound composer in his own right and Julio Roloff is a talented experimental acoustic bassist. This concert promises to be a sonically magical experience for our audience. As always, Kendall Sound Art concerts have free admission and audience members of all ages are welcomed.

Kendall Sound Art Features Dan Dickson and Federico Bonacossa in the July, 12th Concert

July 3, 2014 in Concerts

Kendall Sound Art Features Dan Dickinson and Federico Bonacossa

KSA will be featuring Dan Dickinson and Federico Bonacossa in July, 2014.

In the approaching concert on July, 12th 2014, Kendall Sound Art is proud to be hosting the works of two fine feature composers, Dan Dickinson and Federico Bonacossa. Dan Dickinson is a performer on acoustic and electric bass as well as a composer of both acoustic and electro-acoustic music. Dan has been featured in many fine electro-acoustic festivals, such as SEAMUS, and is a published author of papers on electro-acoustic music and environmental recordings. Federico Bonacossa is a fine performer of both acoustic and electric guitar and is a composer of acoustic and electro-acoustic music. Both Dan and Federico have been featured before in Kendall Sound Art in front of enthusiastic audiences and will be presenting new works in this concert. Both Dan and Federico write music that simulates the mind as well as the heart. I personally truly enjoy listening to their music and am excited about our upcoming concert. As usual, the concert is free admission and will be held at 3pm in the West Kendall Regional Public Library.

A Crash Course in Electro-Acoustic Music this Saturday, June 14th, 2014 at Kendall Sound Art

June 11, 2014 in Concerts

Hear Electro-Acoustic Music and Hear How it was Made

Liza Seigido and Lawrence W. Moore will be Presenting an Electronic Music Seminar for the Kendall Sound Art June, 2014 Concert.

Picture of co-founder, Liza Seigido

This Saturday’s Kendall Sound Art Concert will be both a live performance as well as a live discussion about how some of the recent works by Kendall Sound Art co-founders, Liza Seigido and Lawrence W. Moore, were made. Liza Seigido will be presenting her approaches to live vocal processing using MAX/MSP and her approaches to video design using Adobe Premiere. Lawrence W. Moore will be presenting his video pieces from the Meditation Mandalas series and how he used Nodebeat to create pattern/pulse music and Apophysis 7x to create moving fractal art animations. As usual, this upcoming KSA concert will be held at 3pm in the West Kendall Regional Public Library. Admission and parking are both free of charge.

Picture of co-founder, Lawrence w. Moore

Electro-Acoustic has such a diverse array of influences, that artists who compose in the medium have so many influences and genres to draw from. Electro-Acoustic music has a tradition of expanded media, with video and visual art being very adaptable int he format and an expanded performance practice in which both live and per-recorded material can be part of the experience. Live performance art and interactivity can also be elements within the Electro-Acoustic performance.

Kendall Sound Art Presents Punto in the May, 2014 Concert

May 6, 2014 in Concerts

Punto is the Feature this Saturday at Kendall Sound Art

Punto will be presenting at the Kendall Sound Art May, 2014 concert.

When Liza and I reached out to some of our composer colleagues, letting them know about Kendall Sound Art, we certainly couldn’t forget Gustavo Matamoros. Gustavo is one of the most well-known electro-acoustic composers in South Florida. He runs the South Florida Composers’ Alliance, which is active in presenting new music concerts in South Florida. He has a biannual concert series called Subtropics, which both Liza and I have presented in before. This concert series which not only presents a lot of the local talent, but also brings in nationally-known composers to perform in South Florida. Gustavo also runs the experimental acoustic studio, Audiotheque, on South Beach. Gustavo Matamoros is faculty at the Miami International University of Art and Design.

When we talked to Gustavo, he mentioned that he would like to present a new ensemble that he was a part of. I knowing how Gustavo was not only a great composer, but a great performance artist, we knew that this new ensemble would be a great experience for our audience. We know that our audience is going to get an compelling, imaginative, and very creative performance this Saturday when Punto comes to Kendall Sound Art. Please join us at the West Kendall Regional Public Library this Saturday, May 10, 2014 at 3pm for this exciting concert. As always, parking is free and admission is free at Kendall Sound Art.

Lansing McLoskey is Comng to Kendall Sound Art in April

March 25, 2014 in Concerts

The Heavyweight Composer, Lansing McLoskey Comes to Kendall Sound Art

Kendall Sound Art will be featuring the music of Lansing McLoskey in the April, 2014 Concert on Saturday, April 12 2014.

Kendall Sound Art is honored to be presenting a truly heavyweight composer in the upcoming April 2014 concert. Dr. Lansing McLoskey, Professor of Music Theory and Composition at the University of Miami Frost School of Music will be presenting a broad collection of works at the next Kendall Sound Art Concert on Saturday, April 12th, 2014 at 3pm. McLoskey will be joined by heavyweight performers such as clarinetist, Margaret Donaghue, saxophonist, Dale Underwood, and violinist, Scott Flavin. He will also be presenting some of his compositions for video art created by Rita Blitt and Robyn Moore. We hope you can join us for this exciting concert. This is a really great opportunity to hear music by one of the top contemporary composers in the country and some of the most phenomenal performers in modern-day art music. Having been a student and present-day colleague of Lansing McLoskey, it gives me great pride to have him contribute his time to Kendall Sound Art and reward us with such great performers to present his works to our audience. When one considers the fact that this concert is free admission, as is the custom at Kendall Sound Art, Liza and are greatly appreciative of being to present such a concert to our KSA audience.