Each KSA concert is filmed and recorded. Liza Seigido, co-founder of KSA, is an accomplished video producer and does the work of editing and producing each concert video. As she completes each video, the video will be posted here. It may take a couple of months for each concert video to be completed, but keep checking back, as videos are added on an almost monthly basis.

Concert 32: December 12, 2015

KSA invite for the December, 2015 concert featuring Karla Gutierrez, Federico Bonacossa, and Edder Rivera

Karla Gutierrez, Federico Bonacossa, and Edder RiveraS

KSA welcomed back one of our long-time artists, Federico Bonacossa (guitarist and composer) as well as the up and coming composer, Karla Gutierrez. Bonacossa presented some of his most recent work which was emotionally gripping and intellectually stimulating as always, and Gutierrez presented a piece for live dancer, Pia Vicioso-Vila, and fixed audio/video media that was absolutely thrilling. Our concert audience was taken aback by this fascinating concert.

Concert 30: October 10, 2015

KSA Invite for October, 2015 featuring Catalina Vona Wrangell

Catalina Von Wrangell

KSA welcomed back one of South Florida's newest rising stars in composition, Catalina Von Wrangell. Von Wrangell is an all-around composer who works with both acoustic and electronic media. She often works on pieces that are composed as guided compositions with ore-defined areas of guided improvisation. Catalina once again delighted the KSA with her works. She was accompanied by the extremely talented cellist, Edder Garcia, and even showed off her own excellent clarinet skills. The music was magically entrancing and quite a fresh taste of fine art music.

KSA co-founder, Lawrence W. Moore presented a new piece that is part of an opera that he is composing for mezzo soprano, electronics, video and, and dancer called Shibeth. The opera's opening scene, called End Cycle Begin,was performed for our audience including live electronics work by Moore and a special guest appearance of Brigette Corrmier, one of the most talented dancer/choreographers in South Florida. The program was rounded off by KSA's other co-founder, Liza Seigido, performing a song for soprano and electronics entitled Sirens, from a few years ago, and the Ita Missa Est from her more recent new media mass entitle Missa De La Gran Transizione.

Concert 28: August 8, 2015

KSA Invite for August, 2015 feautring Armando Rodriquez, Federico Bonacossa, Robert Blatt, Jorge Gomez, Julio Roloff, and Alex Lough

Armando Rodriquez & Friends

Long- time South Florida composer, Armando Rodriquez, brings his unique artistic vision back to KSA with contributions from Liza Seigido, Federico Bonacossa, and members of the new music group, Inlets.

Concert 24: April, 2015

Michael Zell, percussionist and marimba specialist presents at Kendlal Sound Art oon April 11, 2015

Michael Zell

Our KSA audience got a real treat in April, 2015, when marimbist and percussionist, Michael Zell, presented a program of marimba music that was truly excellent. Michael presented for a packed room that also included many children, as it was Children's Day at the West Kendall Regional Public Library. Michael took the time to explain some of the pieces he was performing, so the children, as well as the rest of the audience received insight into the thinking of the composers who wrote the pieces. We also got treated to some truly excellent playing. Michael has a real talent for performing challenging pieces while making them seem easy.

Concert 23: March, 2015

Jason Calloway returs to Kendall Sound Art with his own selected playlist for March 14, 2015

Jason Calloway

In March, 2015, the Kendall Sound Art audience was treated to a stellar performance of fine modern cello performed by Jason Calloway of the Amernet String Quartet. Jason is a return contributer to KSA and selected a series of pieces by Iron Curtain composers that gave our audience an intriguing look at the development of new music in Eastern Europe in the 20th century. The works that Jason selected were truly powerful and are a must listen.

Concert 22: February, 2015

KSA invite for the February, 2015 Concert featuring Karen Schoenhals, Liza Seigido, and Lawrence W. Moore

Karen Schoenhals

Our KSA audience had a wonderful Valentine's Day with the excellent acoustic guitar playing and poetry reading of Karen Schoenhals. Karen, a KSA regular, is a composer, guitarist, poet, and lyricist. She played many pieces throughout the repertoire and read poetry that equally ass beautiful.

Concert 21: January, 2015

Lajos Zeke

To begin the year of 2015, KSA featured the great composer music theorist, and musicologist, Lajos Zeke of the New World School of the Arts. Dr. Zeke presented a virtual instrument presentation of his latest piece, Castillo De Son. The numerology and sense of proportion of the piece is classic Zeke.

Concert 20: December, 2014

KSA Invite for the December, 2014 holiday concert featuring Lawrence W. Moore and Liza Seigido.

Liza Seigido and Lawrence W. Moore - Holiday Concert

In the spirit of the Christmas season, Lawrence W. Moore and Liza Seigido present some Christmas favorites, performed in a new, electro-acoustic way, as well as some of their own work that brings them thoughts of Christmas.

Concert 19:: November, 2014

KSA Invite for the November, 2014 concert featuring Miguel Nieves

Miguel Nieves

After hearing Miguel Nieves piece, Opus 19 at the Compositum Musicae Novae fall concert, Liza Seigido and Lawrence W. Moore invited Miguel to present it at Kendall Sound Art. It is a mystical, magical, and powerful piece, especially when performed by the incredible violist, Rafael Ramirez, who performed the piece in both concerts.

Concert 18: October, 2014

KSA Invite for the Ocotber, 2014 concert featuring Susan Epstein-Garcia

Susan Epstein-Garcia

As the feature in this concert, Dr. Susan Epstein-Garcia, head of music theory ad composition at the New World School of the Arts, takes a voyage into the electro-acoustic realm as she presents her piece, I am Sitting in Another Room. Se is joined by a laptop orchestra composed of Liza Seigido with a MIDI-prepared dan ty ba, Jorge Gomez, Federico Bonacossa, Brian Del Toro, and Lawrence W. Moore.

Concert 17: September, 2014

KSA Invite for the September, 2014 concert featuring master cellist, Claudio Jaffe

Claudio Jaffe

The Kendall Sound Art audience was delighted with an outstanding performance by master cellist, Claudio Jaffe, who selected the works that he would perform and invited the KSA audience to engage in some intriguing discussions about the works. It was a learning experience as well as a chance for us to hear some phenomenal cello playing. Claudio Jaffe is a world-renowned cellist who also performs with the Del Ray String Quartet.

Concert 16: August, 2014

Armando Rodriguez

KSA Invite for the August, 2014 concert featuring Armando Rodriguez

Armando Rodriguez, from the new music ensemble Punto, gifted the KSA audience with a varied exposure of his music. Armando is a bagpipe performer, a video artist, and an electronic music composer. His music is magical and frequently has a story to it. As a Cuban American whose love for Spanish music, especially Gallician bagpipe playing, Armando Rodriguez is one of the most creative artists in South Florida. His band mates from Punto also join him in this concert for some pieces.

Concert 15: July, 2015

KSA Invite for the July, 2014 concert featuring Liza Seigido and Lawrence W. Moore

Electro-Acoustic Fireworks

In this KSA concert, Liza Seigido and Lawrence W. Moore present some of their more vibrant works that contain creativity in sound development and that development's realization in video to create the "fireworks" for the presentation..

Concert 14: June, 2014

KSA Invite for June, 2014 concert featuring Liza Seigido and Lawrence W. Moore

Crash Course in Electro Acoustic Music

This KSA concert was one of exposure. Liza Seigido and Lawrence W. Moore presented some of their recent works and explained how the music was created. They also demonstrated some of the use of their equipment and software to give the audience a better understanding of what often happens on the computers while electro-acoustic music is being presented.

Concert 13: May, 2014

KSA Invite for May, 2014 concert featuring Punto and Lawrence W. Moore


The lucky 13th KSA concert featured the new music ensemble, Punto, whose members are Gustavo Matamoros, Armando Rodriguez, Julio Roloff. All three of the members are composers. Gustavo performs frequently on guitar, musical saw, and laptop, Armando frequently performs guitar and bagpipe, and Julio most often performs on bass. These three men are very creative and write some very intriguing music. Their music is not only intellectually compelling, but emotionally stirring as well.

Concert 12: April, 2014

KSA Invite for April, 2014 concert featuring Lansing McLoskey, Dale Underwood, Margaret Donahue, Scott Flavin, Rita Blatt, and Robyn Moore

Lansing McLoskey

KSA was honored to present some electro-acoustic and chamber music by Lansing McLoskey, composition faculty from the University of Miami Frost School of Music. Dr. McLoskey is one of the finest composers of our time and is frequently being performed around the country as well as abroad. He delighted our audience with some major heavyweight performers, such as Margaret Donahue, Scott Flavin, and Dale Underwood. He presented works with video productions by Rita Blatt and Robyn Moore as well.

Concert 11: March, 2014

KSA Invite for March, 2014 concert featuring Miguel Nieves, Gilbert Kong, Lawrence W. Moore and Liza Seigido

Miguel Nieves and Gilbert Kong

For the 11th concert, KSA featured two up and coming composers, Miguel Nieves and Gilbert Kong. Both of these composers have solid chops and great talent. These also have their own compositional fingerprints that one can hear int heir works. These are two names to remember int he future when you will hear more about them.

Concert 10: February, 2014

KSA Invite for February, 2014 concert featuring Ferdinando De Sena, Lawrence w. Moore, and Liza Seigido

Ferdinando De Sena

KSA welcomed back Ferdinando De Sena of the New World School of the Arts for this concert to present some of his more recent electro-acoustic works. Liza Seigido and Lawrence W. Moore also contributed to the program and an afternoon of great music was topped off with an impromptu improvisation piece featuring De Sena, Moore, Seigido, and Susan Epstein-Garcia.

Concert 9: January, 2014

KSA Invite for January, 2014 concert featuring master cellist, Jason Calloway performing some of his favorite works and recent pieces by Frederick Kauffman and Lawrence W. Moore

Jason Calloway

KSA was honored to feature master cellist, Jason Calloway, from the Amernet String Quartet which are artists in residence at the Florida International University. Jason performed a concert program of his own selection featuring modern-day works as well as some Benjamin Britten. Jason selected three compositions for video presentation, which are listed above. KSA was honored to present these works by fine composers such as Frederick Kauffman and Mena Mark Hanna.

Wadi-N-Natrumby Mena Mark Hanna

Inner Sanctum by Frederick Kauffman

A String of Pearls by Lawrence W. Moore

Concert 8: December, 2013

KSA Invite for December, 2013 concert featuring Dan Dickinson, Federico Bonacossa, Liza Segido, and Lawrence W. Moore

Dan Dickinson and Federico Bonacossa

The final concert of 2013 featured the composers Dan Dickinson and Federico Bonacossa. Dan Dickinson is a member of the University of Miami Frost School of Music composition faculty and is a very good bassist as well. This concert features some of his more recent electro-acoustic music and some of his bass improvisation skills. Federico Bonacossa, from Florida International University and Miami-Dade College shares his excellent guitar skills and some of his electro-acoustic music. It was a very entrancing concert and even includes a fun improvisation at the end with Liza Seigido and Lawrence W. Moore joining in.

Concert 7: November, 2013

KSA Invite for November, 2013 concert featuring Carlos Cenzano, David M. Lile, Lajos Zeke, Karen Schoenhals, Liza Seigido, and Lawrence W. Moore

KSA All Stars

This KSA all-star concert featured music by Lajos Zeke, Karen Schoenhals, Liza Seigido, and Lawrence W. Moore, as well as the poetry of Carlos Cenzano and Karen Schoenhals.

Concert 6: October, 2013

KSA Invite for October, 2013 concert featuring Susan Epstein-Garcia, Dale Andree, Claudio Jaffe, Lawrence W. Moore, and Liza Seigido

Susan Epstein-Garcia

The 6th KSA concert featured the piece Haiku, a multi-movement piece for cello and film with the music composed by Susan Epstein-Garcia, the head of the composition department at the New World School of the Arts. The film for the piece was produced by Dale Andree and the cello was performed by the master cellist, Claudio Jaffe of the Del Ray String Quartet.

Concert 5: September, 2013

KSA Invite for September, 2013 concert featuring Karen Schoenhals, Liza Seigido, and Lawrence W. Moore

Karen Schoenhals

This KSA concert features the guitar playing and poetry of Karen Schoenhals, who is a well-performed and very active South Florida-based guitarist, poet, composer, and songwriter..

Concert 4: August, 2013

KSA Invite for August, 2013 concert featuring Ferdinando De Sena, Lawrence W. Moore, and Liza Seigido

Ferdinando De Sena

Dr. Ferdinando "Fred" De Sena is a professor of composition at the New world School of the Arts. He is composer with a storied background in pop music, but his art music is definitely on a whole different plane of cerebral innovation. This concert attracted a crowd that nearly burst out of the room, and Dr. De Sena's music and his quality performers were a major contributing factor.

Concert 3: July, 2013

KSA Invite for July, 2013 concert featuring David Dean Mendoza, Liza Seigido, and Lawrence W. Moore

David Dean Mendoza

David Dean Mendoza was the featured composer in this concert. In addition to being a very fine composer, Mendoza is also an accomplished player of the viola, viola De gamba, and erhu. Mendoza has a love for ethnomusicology as well as the composition of music. His music reveals a natural beauty within the efficiency of design and accomplishment of craft.

Concert 2: June, 2013

KSA Invite for June, 2013 concert featuring Lajos Zeke, Liza Seigido, and Lawrence W. Moore

Lajos Zeke

In this concert, the music of Lajos Zeke was featured. Dr. Zeke is faculty at the New World School of the Arts, where he teaches a variety of courses in music theory and musicology. The piece he presented in this concert, Song of Two Trees was inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien's classic trilogy, The Lord of the Rings.

Concert 1: May, 2013

KSA Invite for the May, 2013 concert featuring Federio Bonacossa, Lawrence W. Moore, and Liza Seigido

Federico Bonacossa, Lawrence W. Moore, and Liza Seigido

The inaugural KSA concert featured the music of Federico Bonacossa, guitarist and composer and Miami-Dade College and Florida International University faculty member. KSA co-founders, Lawrence W. Moore and Liza Seigido also contributed to the concert program.