Sunday Night Synthesis YouTube Series

Series 1

Sunday Night Synthesis Series 1

Sunday Night Synthesis Series 1 begins with a focus on hardware, analog synthesis and synthesis using modular means. Dr. Lawrence W. Moore released videos that contains impromptu performances on modular synthesis components, as well as lessons on how these components worked and interacted with one another.

Moore's collection of modular synthesis components began with a Moog Werkstatt and grew little by little from there. In these early videos, one will see the use modular synthesizers as well as guitar pedals that can be utilized as modular synthesizers or effects. One does not need to buy an all-in-one modular synthesizer, but can build systems by mixing and matching components. Many guitar pedals work as modular synthesizers and effects and are far more affordable that Eurorack components.

The series is a variety of content without any specific theme other than synthesis of all kinds. This allows Moore to cover the subjects that he wants without having to complete entire collections of videos about one subject that takes longer research and development. As a result, this series encourages viewers to post questions about the content as well as suggestions about future topics content.

Tools Utilized in Series 1

Series 2

Sunday Night Synthesis Series 2

Learning Synthesis with Pure Data Series 2 Picks up where the first series leaves off. Dr. Moore introduces more modular equipment, experiments with different routings, and adds a few more new pieces to his arsenal.

Part way through this series, viewers started to request more episodes focused on Pure Data and digital synthesis using software design. Lawrence W. Moore answered his viewers with a number of videos on various digital synthesis topics that were requested.

The overall Sunday Night Synthesis mission has now transferred to include a variety of topics ranging from the analog to the digital based on viewer requests. In this way, the series can become more of a community-based developmental series with back and forth between the viewers and Dr. Moore, allowing for a forum for learning and development.

LWM Music is focused on exploring the multimedia arts as an educational and developmental experience. The more that viewers communicate with one another and Dr. Moore, the more we learn together. Dr. Moore is just the curator of this learning experience.

Tools Utilized in Series 2

Series 3

Sunday Night Synthesis Series 3

Sunday Night Synthesis Series 3 ended just as the new surge of interest in series 2 began, with viewers requesting topics and the majority of the viewers requesting more Pure Data tutorials. Dr. Lawrence W. Moore aims to please, so the tutorials continued with the requested topics. Moore attempted to maintain the series as a weekly series, which grew impossible as time went on. His responsibilities at a professor at two different institutions of higher learning made it difficult for him to keep up. The series went on hiatus toward the end of the year in 2017.

With the beginning of 2018, Lawrence W. Moore has chosen to breathe life back into the series as he overhauled the entire LWM Music website and web presence in general. As he made the website leaner and easier to maintain, he made it more possible for him to keep uploading useful content in a timely manner and maintain proper documentation on the website. With this new rejuvenated system, Moore plans to to bring Sunday Night Synthesis to a whole new level. The series will continue to be varied topics in synthesis and continue to take requests, but Moore plans to add some more interesting elements as he switches between the analog and digital worlds more frequently.

In this way, Moore hopes that the series will more regularly present topics of interest to everyone since one will not have to wait too long for a different topic or a switch between gear-oriented tutorials and software-oriented tutorials takes place. Spending too much time in one are creates stagnation, and viewers may lose interest.

Tools Utilized in Series 3