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Angel Wing

Angel Wing Title Screen 960x540

I am continuing to add content that was originally on the website before I had to overhaul the site and start over again. As I am doing so, I am posting on each piece of content so that people who have not been exposed to some pieces, performances, or other content can see some of the work that I have done in the past. Since I am maintaining two tutorial series on YouTube right now, I have been a little slow in adding the older content back to the site. One of the most significant pieces that has come out of my academic career as a composer has been Angel Wing.


  • Music and video composed and created by Lawrence W. Moore


Angel Wing zooms into the microcosm of creation and zooms out from it. One hears the bell tones and ringing sounds of creation becoming stretched and then contracted. Pitch becomes distorted and subjective in this fanciful world of creation.

Tools Utilized

  • Graphic element distribution animated using Processing
  • Filtering and final production performed using Sony Vegas Pro
  • Audio stretching and pitch shifting performed using Spear
  • Music arranged and engineered in Cakewalk Sonar


  • Selected for an presented in an installation at Arts & Letters Day 2012, Miami-Dade College
  • The Making of Angel Wing is a paper that was presented at the Biennial Symposium of Arts and Technology, March, 2012
  • Selected for and presented at the 13th Biennial Symposium of Arts and Technology at Connecticut College, March, 2012
  • Selected for and presented at the 2011 Electro-Acoustic Barn Dance at the University of Mary Washington, October, 2011
  • Selected for and presented at the 2011 Studio 300 Festival at Transylvania University, September, 2011

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