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Beautiful Synchronicities I

The first movement of Beautiful Synchronicities is a sets up the premise of the piece, and lays out the concept of the archetypes and how their revelation throughout one’s life are the signs of synchronicity. These signs have representations that take form in the physical world. these archetypes also have meaning that reality sheds light on.

Once the understanding of the archetypes is made, then one is prepared to behold the beauty of how they are laid out in one’s perception and life experience, which come sin the second movement.


  • Music and video composed and created by Lawrence W. Moore
  • Narration and vocals by Liza Seigido


Movement I – This is a metaphysical exploration of the phenomenon of synchronicity. There are seeming coincidences in our lives that come from a patterns int he universe that stem from our own conscious creation. These patterns are complex, just like anything that is physically organic. The non-physical organic aspect to the universe is where the mystery lies, but it is a living entity in and of itself. This combined entity of the universe, however, includes us, and as individuals, we affect the growth of the universe and the growth of our lives over time.

Tools Utilized


  • Selected for and presented in 12 Nights of Electronic Art and Music, February, 2011
  • Selected for and performed at Forms and Fractures, Festival Miami, October2010

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