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Sunday Night Synthesis Ends it Second Series and Begins its Third

Sunday Night Synthesis S02E09 - Main Title Screen 480x270

On this eve before the beginning of the third series of Sunday Night Synthesis, I am trying to catch up with a backlog of four episodes that have not been posted on the blog’s main page. I have been adding the videos to the Sunday Night Synthesis pages on the website and people have been watching them in great numbers on YouTube, but I have gotten behind with the announcements ont eh main page.

Sunday Night Synthesis S02E10 Main Title Screen 480x270

As I look at it, the series, overall has come a long way. Over the course of the second series, the overall series has expanded into a weekly series that has explored broader topics. The viewers have been commenting and participating in discussions, and this is especially invigorating over a summer period where such topics tend to be less explored as people vacation and classes are not in session. As the autumn now approaches, Sunday Night Synthesis is poised to take on new heights with the growing interest from the YouTube community.

Sunday Night Synthesis S02E11 Main Title Screen 480x270

The last four episodes of Series 02 have been topics requested by the viewers. Such topics as granular synthesis, wavetable synthesis, and formants have been explored. Much of the viewing audience seems to be excited about Pure Data and learning some more approaches to synthesis via request. Additionally, the series will maintain some work and performances on hardware components. As time goes on, who knows what might come?

Sunday night Synthesis S02E12 Main Title Screen 480x270

Below is a summary of the last four episodes that have not been posted about previously. These episodes are also listed on the Sunday Night Synthesis series page here at LWM Music. Viewers are encouraged to constructively comment on the videos, ask questions, and even make requests should they have topics they are interested in having explored on the series. Thanks to everyone who is keeping the LWM Music YouTube Channel.

Episode 12 – Wavetables and Phasing at the Audio Rate in Pure Data

This episode shows one how to execute phase shifting in Pure Data audio rate, which allows phasing to sound smoother, eliminating the snapping sound of artifacts. This method is achieved using Wavetable synthesis, which is also an interesting topic in and of itself. Phasing can create interesting effects that can be triggered by MIDI controllers as well as oscillators, like an LFO. Being able to create changes in phase is an important tool in synthesis.

Episode 11 – Understanding Granular Synthesis with Pure Data

In this week’s episode, Dr. Lawrence W. Moore teaches you how to use granular synthesis in Pure Data. Even if you don’t use PD, this tutorial will give you some understanding of how granular synthesis is achieved. The episode beings with the concept of loading a recorded audio file into a table so that playback rate can be controlled. Then, Moore explains how granular synthesis cuts an audio stream up into what are called grains and how the playback speed of these sliced up grains can be controlled. Next, Moore shows how one can using a Hanning window to form an amplitude envelope over the grains so that they do not generate artifacts, or snaps in the audio playback. Finally, the concepts can be expanded by using a second instance of the audio signal going through an out of phase stream of Hanning windows so that the two signals have grins whose windows dovetail to make the granulation smooth.

This episode references Programming Electronic Music in Pd by Johannes Kreider

Episode 10 – Having Fun with Harmonics & Formants

In this week’s episode, Dr. Lawrence W. Moore makes a few announcements about the new sleek and more Eurorack like design of LWM Rack and talks about some of the topics raised by the viewers. The feature in this episode is the creation of a Pure Data patch that generates harmonics and harmonic content that has features of formants. He does this using the rpole~ object in PD and shows some tips on using the object. He then also shows some different timbres that can be made and transformed in various ways to generate some cool effects.

Liza Seigido on YouTube:

Episode 09 – More Pure Data? More Reason? More Modular Synthesis? Your Feedback

In this episode, Dr. Lawrence W. Moore just finished filming another episode of Learning Electronic Music Production with Reason and decided to check in with his audience on this Sunday Night to share a little music from that and to ask for some viewer responses. Dr. Moore is interested in knowing what his audience is finding most useful, so that he can prioritize his tutorials. Viewers are encouraged to provide feedback on what videos are benefitting them the most. Would viewers like to see more tutorials on Reason, Pure Data, LWM Rack, various PD patches, or more lessons or performances on modular synthesis components. Please leave a comment with your feedback on what you would like to see more of. Crafty also makes an appearance in this video, showing off how much he likes grooving with electronic music.

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