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Dreams Become Fibers

Dreams Become Fibers is a piece for French Horn and live processing, originally written for French Hornist, Corey Klein, who composer, Lawrence W. Moore, met while he taught at the University of Miami Frost School of Music. Klein is an accomplished French Hornist who is open to performing new music and especially electro-acoustic music. The piece is about the non-material, but somehow manifest world of our dream perceptions and how this form of consciousness connects to other forms of consciousness across the myriad of fibers that construct our reality.


  • French Horn performed by Corey Klein
  • Music composed, engineered, and processed by Lawrence W. Moore
  • Video by Lawrence W. Moore


This piece paints the picture of a meditation on a hillside, in which the one who is meditating gradually feels himself being enveloped by the land. In this process of becoming one with the setting, the meditation brings about visions and sounds that allow one to see the fibers that make up the reality that we see on a daily basis. This infinite network of fibers makes up the physical reality around us. If we put the energy from our dreams into the energy of these fibers, we can see our dreams manifest before us in time.

Tools Utilized

  • Fractal imagery generated and animated using Apophysis 7x and Apophymator
  • Filtering and final production performed using Sony Vegas Pro
  • Audio stretching and pitch shifting performed using Cakewalk Spear
  • Recorded horn processed and sequenced with live processed horn in Cakewalk Sonar


  • Selected for and performed in the Vanguard Miami, 2012, Chapel of the Venerable St. Bede

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