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Establishment was a joy to compose. It took serious organization as I created filtered noise regions of varying densities based on the I Ching numbers that were relevant to each stage of the pieces. I then created I Ching symbols in Photoshop and had them colored and distributed on the screen by Processing in such a way to create the series of I Ching meanings that the piece is based upon. What is wonderful when such a pieces comes together at the end from some generative matrix such as was the case in this piece.

The EWI part is unguided by the I Ching, rather it is guided by the pieces. Since the piee is guided by the I Ching, then the EWI is, indirectly guided by this. This is symbolic of how are lives are indirectly guided in this way, through an in-between reality that exists between us and the abstract realm of conscious archetypes, synchronicity, and other inner psychological phenomenoa.


  • Music and video composed and created by Lawrence W. Moore


This piece is a sequence of the first eight hexagrams from the I Ching, and outline their meaning in both musical and visual form. These different hexagrams are used as the graphic elements that make up different portions of the overall visual piece at their appropriate moments in time for their stages in order. The colors interpret their meaning. The various textures of noise are also constructed from the hexagram shape as various frequency ranges are passed through filtering, creating an aural layer of their hexagram shape. The pan flute performance is an interpretation of the struggle for one to begin and reach a point of establishment, facing the different challenges of spirit that come along the way, as indicated by the sequence of the first eight hexagrams of the I Ching, which tell this story of establishment.

Tools Utilized


  • Selected for and performed in the February, 2015 Compositum Musicae Novae Concert, Coral Gables, FL.
  • Selected for and presented in an installation at Arts & Letters Day 2012, Miami-Dade College
  • Selected for and performed in the Subtropics XXII Marathon Concert at Audiotheque, Miami Beach, March, 2013

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