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Important Hurricane Irma Announcement For All LWM Music Visitors, Viewers, and Subscribers

Important Hurricane Irma Announcement for LWM Music 480x270

Dr. Lawrence W. Moore lives and works in Miami, FL, and as many of you know from the news, there is a major hurricane, named Irma, that is approaching the Florida peninsula. Miami, FL is definitely within the cone of influence and hurricane force winds and rain are very likely. Something that is almost a certainty is that power be knocked out in South Florida and it is very likely, if not absolute that Dr. Moore will not have power for a week, two weeks, and perhaps even more.

Moore plans to stay in touch with his subscribers, viewers, visitors, and friends via Facebook. One can periodically check in with the LWM Music page on Facebook. These updates will be posted via cell phone. Computer power will not likely be restored for a while, but cell phone recharging should be more likely over the next few days at least.

In the meantime, Dr. Moore invites his viewers, subscribers, and visitors to be patient while this state of inability passes. If you have not seen some of the Learning Synthesis with Pure Data lessons, Sunday Night Synthesis episodes, or some of Moore’s music videos, then now is a great time to catch up on some viewing and help keep the YouTube Channel? active.

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