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Learning Synthesis with Pure Data is Going Into a Second Series

I want to thank all of my YouTube subscribers who have been patiently waiting for more Learning Synthesis with Pure Data. It has been a while since I have put up a new lesson. This is because I wanted to do some videos with my hardware-based modular synthesis setup in Sunday Night Synthesis and because I have building a new approach to modular synthesis in PD.

This new approach (at least new for me) has culminated in the development of a group of modular abstractions for PD called LWM Rack. LWM Rack is an open-ended modular synthesis system that allows for one to include as many modules and whatever types of modules that one wants. It also allows the user to save these modules and the modules’ parameters for each build one wants to make.

This video gives a sneak peek of the new LWM Rack modular system while finalizing the FAM2 synthesizer made in the first series of Learning Synthesis with PUre Data. A few bug fixes needed to be made before I could feel that this build has been completed.

Lesson 16 – Finalizing Series 01 & Previewing Series 02 – This package contains the updated fixes to the FAM2 synthesizer

We are going to finalize the FAM2 virtual modular synthesizer that we made in series 01 with some bug fixes and then take a sneak peek at LWM Rack, the new open-ended virtual modular synthesis system that we will be building in Series 02.


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