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LWM Music Learning Videos

Learning Page Title Screen 240x135 Dr. Lawrence W. Moore is a professor of higher learning who teaches at the Miami International University of Art & Design and at Miami-Dade College. As he explores the creative processes of the multimedia arts and sound design, he is very focused on technological development and the philosophy of sharing knowledge. Thus, Dr. Moore maintains various video serials that he hosts on YouTube at the LWM Music YouTube Channel.

While Moore has achieved advanced degrees and teaches in institutes of higher learning, he still believes that he is a student of his various crafts. When one combines multimedia and technology, the learning never stops as we continue to advance forward toward the horizon. This is especially true if we share knowledge and learn from each other.

Learning Electronic Music Production with Reason

Learning Electronic Music Production with Reason Title Screen 240x135 Learning Electronic Music with Reason for electronic music production and those who use other DAWs. The series utilizes Propellerhead’s software as the method for learning about digital audio workstation software and electronic music production. Those who do use Reason or are thinking about using it will get a strong overview on the software and its components. Overall, the series is designed to be beneficial to anyone who wants to get into producing their own electronic music.

Learning Synthesis with Pure Data

Learning Synthesis with Pure Data title 240x135 Learning Synthesis with Pure Data is a video tutorial series that can be valuable to anyone who wishes to learn about synthesis, the open-source software development environment, Pure Data, or both. Being a free download and an open-source environment for the development of music, audio, and multimedia applications, Pure Data, is an excellent tool to learn from. Since it is free, anyone who has a Windows, MAC, or Linux operating system can use the software freely. In this way, the teacher and student are using the same software.

Additionally, PD has a thriving community of developers who have already broken into the mobile operating system arena as well as the maker movement in microcontrollers and microcomputers. By learning about synthesis in Pure Data, one learns the fundamentals and sees how things work from the inside. In this way, the knowledge learned in these videos can be applied to virtual instrument plugins, hardware synthesizers, and various developmental platforms. Simply put, it is a great way to learn synthesis and can be valuable to the learner no matter what software or hardware in synthesis he or she uses.

Sunday Night Synthesis

Sunday Night Synthesis title 240x135 Sunday Night Synthesis is a series in which Dr. Lawrence W. Moore teaches and performs using his hardware synthesis setup. Dr. Moore has collected a number of very nice analog gear ovewr the years and uses them both as tools for artistic creation and as learning aids for those who aspire to learn more about synthesis and sound design using physical hardware. Working with modular gear gives the artist a lot of options and nearly endless combinations of sounds and processes as one has so much freedom of routing signals from one place to another

New episodes are usually posted Sunday nights between 9pm-12am EST. In some episodes, Moore devotes himself to teaching concepts and in some episodes he simply performs on his instruments. Fun and relaxation are always a part of the mood of each episode as we prepare for Monday morning.