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Learning Synthesis with Pure Data

Learning Synthesis with Pure Data title 240x135Learning Synthesis with Pure Data is a video tutorial series that can be valuable to anyone who wishes to learn about synthesis, the open-source software development environment, Pure Data, or both. Being a free download and an open-source environment for the development of music, audio, and multimedia applications, Pure Data, is an excellent tool to learn from. Since it is free, anyone who has a Windows, MAC, or Linux operating system can use the software freely. In this way, the teacher and student are using the same software.

Additionally, PD has a thriving community of developers who have already broken into the mobile operating system arena as well as the maker movement in microcontrollers and microcomputers. By learning about synthesis in Pure Data, one learns the fundamentals and sees how things work from the inside. In this way, the knowledge learned in these videos can be applied to virtual instrument plugins, hardware synthesizers, and various developmental platforms. Simply put, it is a great way to learn synthesis and can be valuable to the learner no matter what software or hardware in synthesis he or she uses.

Series 1

Sunday Night Synthesis Title Screen 240x135<Learning Synthesis with Pure Data Series 1 we begin by getting both an overview on how the PD software environment works and learn some of the fundamentals of digital audio. We then learn some synthesis fundamentals. By lesson 04, we begin building a simple modular synthesizer to see how MIDI is integrated with digital audio by the sound designer. We learn some of the basic types of synthesis and various processes that are most common in synthesis as we build them into our synthesizer. By the end of the series, you will have a working software synthesizer that you can use much like a VST instrument by controlling it with your MIDI controller or by using a virtual MIDI connection to your favoritte digital audio workstation software.

Series 2

Learning Synthesis with Pure Data Series 2 Title Screen 240x135 Learning Synthesis with Pure Data Series 2 picks up where the first series leaves off. In the first series, we built a modular synthesizer that models the capabilities of a simple virtual synthesizer that interacts through MIDI. In this second series, we will take modularity to a whole new level.