Sunday Night Synthesis

Sunday Night Synthesis title 240x135 Sunday Night Synthesis is a series in which Dr. Lawrence W. Moore teaches and performs using his hardware synthesis setup. Dr. Moore has collected a number of very nice analog gear ovewr the years and uses them both as tools for artistic creation and as learning aids for those who aspire to learn more about synthesis and sound design using physical hardware. Working with modular gear gives the artist a lot of options and nearly endless combinations of sounds and processes as one has so much freedom of routing signals from one place to another

New episodes are usually posted Sunday nights between 9pm-12am EST. In some episodes, Moore devotes himself to teaching concepts and in some episodes he simply performs on his instruments. Fun and relaxation are always a part of the mood of each episode as we prepare for Monday morning.

Series 1

Sunday Night Synthesis Title Screen 240x135 The first series of Sunday Night Synthesis Series 1 includes a variety of tutorials and a variety of performances that all have an educational leaning to them. Dr. Moore introduces his modular synth setup, which is composed of A Moog Werkstatt and Moog Mother 32 as the primary synth engines and a variety of guitar pedal modules that are used for processing and sequencing. One can use this series to learn about these pieces of equipment, hear what they can do, and learn about the basics of modular synth setup and design.

Series 2

Sunday Night Synthesis Series 02 Title Screen 240x135

>Sunday Night Synthesis Series 02 picks up where Series 01 ends, as Dr. Moore continues to revise his modular synthesis setup around some new equipment, wit an eye toward making a flexible system that allows for a good deal of improvisation, patch changes, and live performance functionality.

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