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Sunday Night Synthesis

Sunday Night Synthesis title 240x135 Sunday Night Synthesis is a weekly YouTube series where Dr. Lawrence W. Moore covers a variety of things, including tutorials on synthesis topics, impromptu performances on his analog modules, software tutorials, and announcements relevant to LWM Music and Dr. Moore’s professional endeavors. Basically, the series is Dr. Moore’s weekly outreach in regard to his work in the multimedia arts and sound design. New episodes are usually uploaded Sunday nights between 7pm and 12:00am EST.

Series 1

Sunday Night Synthesis Title Screen 240x135 The first series of Sunday Night Synthesis Series 1 was primarily dedicated to tutorials, demonstrations, and impromptu performances by Lawrence W. Moore on his modular analog modular setup. This series was originally established to be a contrast to his first YouTube tutorial series, Learning Synthesis with Pure Data, which was primarily dedicated to the digital and software side of things.

Series 2

Sunday Night Synthesis Series 02 Title Screen 240x135 Sunday Night Synthesis Series 02 at first picks up where the first series leaves off. The series starts with the original focus on analog synth modules and highlighting techniques and impromptu performances. Being a weekly series, however, Dr. Moore has found it to be useful for announcements, introducing some of his work in software and on the digital side of things, and in keeping his viewers up to date with his compositions and performances. Thus, the series has evolved into a more inclusive series that still has a core devoted to what is at the center of Moore’s work, which is sound design.

Series 3

>Sunday Night Synthesis series 3 main title screen 240x135 Sunday Night Synthesis Series 03 is now a weekly series at the LWM Music YouTube Channel. Dr. Lawrence W. Moore presents different topics each week that cover the whole wide world of synthesis, both analog and digital, as well as both hardware and software. Viewers are encouraged to leave constructive comments, questions, and even topic requests. Thank you for your interest in the series and Dr. Moore hopes to hear from you!

New episodes are usually posted between 9pm and midnight EST Sunday evenings.