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Sunday Night Synthesis Series 02

Sunday Night Synthesis Series 02 Title Screen 240x135

Sunday Night Synthesis Series 02 at first picks up where the first series leaves off. The series starts with the original focus on analog synth modules and highlighting techniques and impromptu performances. Being a weekly series, however, Dr. Moore has found it to be useful for announcements, introducing some of his work in software and on the digital side of things, and in keeping his viewers up to date with his compositions and performances. Thus, the series has evolved into a more inclusive series that still has a core devoted to what is at the center of Moore’s work, which is sound design.

Sunday Night Synthesis is Now a Weekly Series that is Uploaded Sunday evenings between 5pm and 12 midnight EST.

Episode 07 – Integrating Softube Modular with Reason

In this week’s episode of Sunday Night Synthesis, Dr. Lawrence W. Moore demonstrates a few techniques for using Softube’s Modular virtual Eurorack VST Instrument and Effect suite with Propellerhead Reason. With the release of Reason 9.5, VST Instruments can now be used in the Reason rack, and Modular by Softube is an excellent candidate for integration with Reason devices.

Episode 06 – Waemaker Pure Data Patch

In this episode of Sunday Night Synthesis, Dr. Lawrence W. Moore features a new Pure Data patch that has been in the works. This patch is called Wavemaker and it generates two noise streams that are filtered and oscillated in such a way to produce an ocean wave effect. The two noise streams have separate filters and oscillators so that one can create a more complex ocean wave sound that has a stereo spectrum which generates a more realistic sound of ocean waves. This PD patch can be used to create hypnotic wave sounds that can either be designed to be realistic or designed to be numerically controlled to help educe states of relaxation, hypnosis, or meditation. The patch is modular and can be incorporated into a modular synthesizer system in Pure Data. This PD patch is being developed to eventually be used in tandem with MobMuPlat such that this ocean wave generator can be used on mobile devices. If you need help sleeping and are looking for some sound-based sleep aid, this patch can be for you!

Episode 05 – Therapy Through Synthesis

In this week’s episode of Sunday Night Synthesis, Dr. Lawrence W. Moore begins with the announcement of the new series launch, Learning Electronic Music Production with Reason. The rest of the episode is a look at the composition of a new piece, Therapy Through Synthesis. Dr. Moore begins this performance with an overview of his modular synthesis setup and how the synth modules are integrated with one another. He then demonstrates how the different musical parts in the piece are executed. Then, the performance of the piece begins. the piece uses analog synthesis techniques and approaches to create a very meditative experience. While this is not an official meditation, it is very good for relaxation.

Episode 04 – Expanding Our Scope and Having Fun with Reason

In this episode, Lawrence W. Moore expands the scope of Sunday Night Synthesis, the series and announces plans to start a series on electronic music production featuring Reason. Dr. Moore also shows the viewer some interesting things he was able to do in Reason using the SubTractor Synthesizer and the Matrix Step Sequencer. These concepts could also be applied to analog modular synthesizer components and for use in other virtual synthesizer applications in software. This technique of using a pattern player to send CV pitch and gate messages as well as additional CV patterns can help make repetitive lines more dynamic. As a result, one combines repetition with gradual change, which helps to make more entrancing musical ideas. A little bit of filter automation provides icing on the cake.

Episode 03 – Approaches to Ambient Electronic Music Using Synth Modules

In this episode, we take a look at some techniques for creating some ambient electronic music. Dr. Moore uses as an example two recent pieces that he has composed for his Wayfarer music releases. These techniques involve using a noise generator and low pass filter to create wave sounds and various techniques for creating expressive melodies without a controller keyboard.

Episode 02 – Koma Kommander & Moog Werkstat Theremin

In last week’s Sunday Night Synthesis, we saw a demonstration of using the Koma Kommander and the Korg SQ-1 as controllers in the making oa an impromptu piece. In this week’s episode, we see how the Koma Kommander works and how it can turn a Moog Werkstatt, as well as other synthesizers into a Theremin using its CV & gate outputs which send the signals from the ultra violet range sensors and proximity sensors. The Moog Werkstatt a perfect little good sounding synth to be used as a Theremin with the Koma Kommander.

Episode 01 – Scary Noises with a Koma Kommander and Korg SQ-1

In this episode, we begin Series 02 with two new pieces of equipment, the 8/16 step sequencer, Korg KQ-1 and the CV/Gate controller, the Koma Kommander. Integrated with the rest of the modular system, these products make for a very open-ended sound production experience as they allow for additional control over various parameters on the Moog Werkstatt and the Moog Mother 32.

Tools Utilized in Series 2