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A Lesson on ReDrum Drum Computer

Learning Electronic Music Production with Reason S01E02 Main Title Screen 480x270

In this episode of Learning Electronic Music Production with Reason, Dr. Lawrence W. Moore focuses on the ReDrum Drum Computer device in Reason. This device is a drum sampler recorder/player, virtual drum kit, and pattern sequencer that has been a long-time part of the Propellerhead Reason software. This virtual instrument is still quite powerful, however, and can be a very useful tool for electronic music producers. It is very open-ended in that one can load in their own samples or samples that they purchase and then program the performance parameters of the samples to get them to respond the way that the performer wants.

Additionally, ReDrum has a built in pattern sequencer than can either be used or left along in favor of using RedDrum’s main software sequencer. The pattern sequencer makes ReDrum similar to a lot of the hardware-based drum machines on the market. Learning ReDrum can help you become more efficient and a more effective user of outboard drum machines. Likewise, as it is a virtual instrument, those who use outboard drum machines can find the same flexibility and method of operation in a software-based virtual instrument. Using a drum machine forces one to look at beat production in a whole different way, allowing one to get a perspective separate from playing things in with physical pads on a controller or keyboard keys.

Episode 02 – Redrum Drum Computer

ReDrum Drum Computer is a Reason device that allows one to load in drum samples, record in samples, arrange samples into kits and save both the samples and the kits for later use and mixing and matching. ReDrum is also a drum pattern sequencer that allows one to save up to 64 different patterns per device and then use these patterns in tandem with “Reason’s sequencer as well as a separate entity that can be triggered. ReDrum is an excellent tool for making drum beats and loops. It also has a lot of flexibility so it serves not only the commercial music beat producer, but those who like to go more experimental.

If you would like to see other episodes in the series, please visit the Learning Electronic Music Production with Reason page at LWM Music.

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