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Coming Soon – The Wavemaker Pure Data Patch

Sunday Night Syntheiss S02E06 Main Title Screen 480x270

Dr. Lawrence W. Moore shows off a Pure Data patch that is nearing completion. This patch is being designed to both work with PD as a stand-alone patch and as a patch for use with MobMuPlat. In so doing, the Wavemaker application can be used on mobile devices. This release will be coming soon. Tutorial videos on the PD patch and MobMuPlat interface will be made as well.

Wavemaker utilizes two filtered noise streams to create an ocean wave sound effect. Wavemaker also allows one to control the speed of the ocean waves. One can also control their frequency content to make a vareity of different types of ocean wave sounds. These filtered noise sounds can be used for relaxation, hypnosis, and meditation.

Episode 06 – Waemaker Pure Data Patch

In this episode of Sunday Night Synthesis, Dr. Lawrence W. Moore features a new Pure Data patch that has been in the works. This patch is called Wavemaker and it generates two noise streams that are filtered and oscillated in such a way to produce an ocean wave effect. The two noise streams have separate filters and oscillators so that one can create a more complex ocean wave sound that has a stereo spectrum which generates a more realistic sound of ocean waves. This PD patch can be used to create hypnotic wave sounds that can either be designed to be realistic or designed to be numerically controlled to help educe states of relaxation, hypnosis, or meditation. The patch is modular and can be incorporated into a modular synthesizer system in Pure Data. This PD patch is being developed to eventually be used in tandem with MobMuPlat such that this ocean wave generator can be used on mobile devices. If you need help sleeping and are looking for some sound-based sleep aid, this patch can be for you!

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