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Sunday Night Synthesis S02E03 – Approaches to Ambient Electronic Music Using Synth Modules

Sunday Night Synthesis S01E03 Main Title Screen 480x270

This week I composed two new pieces for the Wayfarer side of my compositional spirit. These pieces were created using my synth module setup and were composed to be meditative artistic experiences. In other words, they were designed for not only meditation, but enjoyment of expression. These were not clinical pieces by any stretch of the imagination. At the same time, they were very organic and not in least bit “synthetic.”

In this episode of Sunday Night Synthesis, I discuss how these pieces were composed and what approaches I took. This could be useful information for those who are looking for some basic tips and tricks in making electronic music sound more organic and less synthetic. In composing ambient electronic music, one does have these options of either goin more abstract and synthetic or going just as abstract with organic, growing, and “alive” kinds of sounds and processes.

S02E03 – Approaches to Ambient Electronic Music Using Synth Modules

In this episode, we take a look at some techniques for creating some ambient electronic music. Dr. Moore uses as an example two recent pieces that he has composed for his Wayfarer music releases. These techniques involve using a noise generator and low pass filter to create wave sounds and various techniques for creating expressive melodies without a controller keyboard.

Tools Utilized

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