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LWM Rack for Pure Data Adds a Modulation Oscillator

Learning Synthesis with Pure Data Series 02 Lesson 04 Main Title Screen

In the latest episode of Learning Synthesis with Pure Data, Dr. Lawrence W. Moore introduces the latest module for the LWM Rack virtual modular Eurorack system called LWM Rack. This oscillator can perform both frequency modulation and amplitude modulation depending on how one routes it. The oscillator can also be a low frequency oscillator or a high frequency oscillator for the purpose of apply timbre modulation to sound signals.

For those of you who are looking for a free Eurorack-like virtual modular synthesis system, the LWM Rack package might be for you. This second series of Learning Synthesis with Pure Data is a beta testing series of the LWM Rack software that includes tutorials on how to use the modules that are being released. The series can be used as a way to learn synthesis. It is also a way to learnthe open-srouce programming environment, Pure Data.

Lesson 04 – The Modulation Oscillator – This is the package with the updated collection of LWM Rack modules for this lesson. – Here is the example that was used in the lesson.

In this lesson, Dr. Moore releases the modulation oscillator for LWM Rack. This VCMO allows one to perform both amplitude modulation and frequency modulation. It also allows for slow speed modulation, like with an LFO as well as high speed modulation for FM & AM Synthesis and ring modulation. The oscillator has multiple waveforms and the parameters that one would expect in a Eurorack-like modulating oscillator.

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