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LWM Rack – The Virtual Eurorack System for Pure Data

LWM Rack 1.00b Logo 480x400

LWM Rack is a system for the open source programming environment, Pure Data that is designed to have the look and functionality of a Eurorack system. Pure Data patches are d as abstractions to be loaded into a visual rack area where they can be patched together various ways. The modules themselves save their own parameters to that one can easily design a synthesizer, set parameters, and have everything saved for the next time it is opened. In this way, one can save their synthesizer design and sounds made in that design at the same time.

LWM Rack is an open source project being developed by Dr. Lawrence W. Moore. Collaboration and contribution is encouraged. Other developers are encouraged to communicate with Dr. Moore in order to stay in touch and promote each other’s work. The LWM Music YouTube Channel is the place where Moore is maintaining a forum for the development of LWM Rack. An archive of the videos is kept here.

The videos below are in order from most recent to older videos. The version number of the release changes as new modules are added or as modules are enhanced. Downloads appear below the videos that describe them. One can also check out the sister series, Learning Synthesis with Pure Data Series 2 for more information on the inner workings of the development. This incarnation of LWM Rack begins with Series 2 Lesson 5.

LWM Rack 1.00b – The Basic Set – This is the blank version (unpatched) version of the system used in the video so you can start from scratch in building a synthesizer. – This is the example synthesizer that was made in the video.

LWM Rack is a collection of Pure Data patches that allow one to build modular synthesizers like one would with Eurorack components. Modules can be placed, patched together in a variety of ways in order to build a modular synthesizer. Parameters on the modules automatically save so that one can also set parameters for designed sounds and then save them. In this video, the basic set of modules is introduced so that one can learn the system easily and see how it works in PD. This video introduces the vco (voltage controlled oscillator), mid input, ADSR envelope, audio output, and signal combiner modules as well as two tools for monophonic synthesizer control and signal conversion. From this video, one can see how this system will develop in the future.

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