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In Lesson 02 We Meet Two new Modules for LWM Rack

In this lesson, we will look at two new modules and patch bays forLWM Rack.. One is a MIDI Controller input module that allows one to receive continuous controller signals from a MIDI channel. One can define the 8 different controllers that can be received. The other module is a fine tuning module for the VSO. This module receives MIDI note messages and pitch bend from the other MIDI Input module, and allows one to set the detuning in semitones, octaves, and cents for a given oscillator. – This is the updated module collection as of the making of this video. – This is the example synth that was built in this lesson.

LWM Rack is a system made by Lawrence W. Moore that includes a series of Pure Data patches, that when used in abstraction, allow one to build open-ended virtual modular synthesizers. LWM Rack is like a virtual Eurorack system, but it is far more affordable in that it is free.To see more videos in this series, please visit the Learning Synthesis with Pure Data page.

Crafty Wears an Aquarius Eye

Crafty WWearing the Aquarius Eye in this LWM Rack video  480x480

Crafty sported an Aquarius Eye made by Liza Seigido for the Psyche Electro-Acoustic Opera Company. LWM Music YouTube viewers are being offered a special discount on these already reasonably priced, hand-crafted, zodiac eyes made by Seigido. Each one is unique and beautiful. The eyes can be found at the online store at Psyche Opera. Visitors to the LWM Music YouTube channel and website can get a 5% discount on orders of any size at the store by entering the promo code “lwmmusic” (without the quotes).

Psyche Opera Aquarius Eye in an LWM Rack video 480x480

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