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Art Music Videos

Music Videos Title 240x135 LWM Music hosts a good number of videos and has a thriving YouTube Channel that includes both Lawrence W. Moore’s multimedia art and his educational videos. . This page is dedicated toward his multimedia art, including pieces he has composed, collaborations he has undertaken, and performances he has given.

Art Music Video Pieces

Pieces Title Image 240x135 The pieces page features some of Dr. Lawrence W. Moore’s electro-acoustic music combined with his video art. Moore involves a great deal of synthesis and sound design in his music and utilizes fractal and other computer-generated imagery to create a sound and visual experience that is abstract, yet organic.

Live Performances

Performances Title Image 240x135 The performaces page contains videos of Dr. Lawrence W. Moore in live performances as he presents his electro-acoustic music and video art. Many of these videos involve collaborators who perform music, drama, and dance. Performance is an irreplaceable experience to Moore, who thrives on the creativity of the moment.


Collaborations Title Image 240x135 The collaborations page contains videos in which Dr. Moore has collaborated with other artists. Moore composes, designs sounds, designs interactive systems, and creates video art under the philosophy that if artists collaborate one another, they can often achieve greater knowledge and greater heights than they could on their own. Dr. Moore collaborates by composing music for artists of other media, creating video art for composers and dancers, and designing sound for composers, filmmakers, and installations artists.