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Personalized Variations on Non-Personalized Themes

This is a piece that comes from the time when Dr. Lawrence W. Moore directed the Frost School of Music Electronic Music Ensemble. It is a variation on the theme and variations approach of composition.

Members of the ensemble al picked themes out of a hat, making them non-personalized. They then had to write variations on these themes for another member of the ensemble. The other members of the ensemble got to define in what ways the theme would be varied, thus the personalized variations aspect of the project. This piece is the result, where Dr. More’s contribution was to make a video that was a variation on theme given to him by another ensemble member in visual form.

The era of the Frost Electronic Music Ensemble was a very productive one in which the students received a well-rounded experience of approaches to composition, eectro-acoustic compositional techniques, and working in a multimedia-driven live framework.


  • Music composed in parts by Rodrigo Bussad, David Mendoza, and Peter learn
  • Video produced by Lawrence W. Moore


this piece was composed using parameters sketched out by the members of the Frost Electronic Music Ensemble in the spring of 2013. The members, listed above, exchanged these sketches and then went about realizing the sketches in electro-acoustic form. Then ensemble director, Lawrence W. Moore, created this video from the composed parts of the piece.

Tools Utilized

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