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With VST Added to Reason 9.5, Softube’s Modular is a Great Addition to Reason

Sunday Night Synthesis S02E07 - Integrating Reason with Softube's Modular - Main Title Screen 480x270

In last week’s Sunday Night Synthesis, Dr. Lawrence W. Moore took a look at using Modular by Softube in Reason 9.5. Now that Reason allows one to use VST plugins, Softube’s Modular VST virtual Eurorack software looks like a great addition to Reason. Since both software allow for one to integrate components inside and outside of themselves, using virtual CV signals, Modular can interact with Reason devices and rack extensions. Likewise, Reason’s ease of automation in the sequencer view allows one to automate just about any of the parameters in Modular’s different synth modules. This video is not an in depth look at either software, but it does explore some of these points mentioned above and gives someone a good launching pad for working with Modular within Reason 9.5.

Softube designed this virtual Eurorack software that comes with a whole variety of synthesizer modules, including different types of oscillators, filters, envelopes, step sequencers, timing mechanisms, and routing mechanisms that allow one to build their own Eurorack-like skiff. Since it is software, one can build a whole bunch of them and save their different combinations to file. The different modules sound pretty good and have a warmer sound than a lot of digital, software-based synthesizers do. The modules that come with the software are designed to sound like analog components.

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Episode 07 – Integrating Softube Modular with Reason

In this week’s episode of Sunday Night Synthesis, Dr. Lawrence W. Moore demonstrates a few techniques for using Softube’s Modular virtual Eurorack VST Instrument and Effect suite with Propellerhead Reason. With the release of Reason 9.5, VST Instruments can now be used in the Reason rack, and Modular by Softube is an excellent candidate for integration with Reason devices.

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