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Software Releases

Software Page Title 240x135 As a multimedia artist, Dr. Lawrence W. Moore employs the use of a variety of software and multi-controller environments to produce his music and art. Dr. Moore works by a philosophy that as we share the knowledge that we acquire in our creative processes, we can grow from each other’s generosity in sharing such knowledge. This page is devoted to code, sketches, and scripts that he has produced in environments such as Pure Data, Csound, Reaktor, Processing, and Arduino. All releases have accompanying videos so that one can learn from these builds and expand their own knowledge.

LWM Rack

LWM Rack 1.02b Title Screen 240x240 LWM Rack is a system for the open source programming environment, Pure Data that is designed to have the look and functionality of a Eurorack system. Pure Data patches are d as abstractions to be loaded into a visual rack area where they can be patched together various ways. The modules themselves save their own parameters to that one can easily design a synthesizer, set parameters, and have everything saved for the next time it is opened. In this way, one can save their synthesizer design and sounds made in that design at the same time.

Pure Data Patches

Pure Data Patches Title Screen 240x135 Pure Data Patches is a series of Pure Data patches that Dr. Lawrence W. Moore has released. The term “patches” essentially means software that one makes in the Pure Data programming environment. One needs Pure Data in order to use these software releases, but as PD is open-source software that is a free download, anyone can use this software. Each release has an accompanying download of the patch file(s) and an accompanying video tutorial that describes how to use the software and how it was built. It is a great way to learn more about PD for one’s own building endeavors.