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Pure Data Patches

Pure Data Patches Title Screen 240x135 Pure Data Patches is a series of Pure Data patches that Dr. Lawrence W. Moore has released. The term “patches” essentially means software that one makes in the Pure Data programming environment. One needs PD in order to use these software releases, but as PD is open-source software that is a free download, anyone can use this software. Each release has an accompanying download of the patch file(s) and an accompanying video tutorial that describes how to use the software and how it was built. It is a great way to learn more about PD for one’s own building endeavors.

Audio Output and Recording Deck – download the patch

This is a tutorial on a Pure Data patch that is an audio output module with volume control, record to file capabilities, and gain control for recordings. The patch is nice-looking and clean in design. It can be used by Pure Data users as well as non-users. This video gives an overview of how the patch works and then a detailed recording of the building process. There is a mono and stereo version of the patch. It is convenient to use in your own patches.


QWERTY MIDI Keyboard – download the patch

This is QWERTY MIDI Keyboard software that allows one to use the computer keyboard to send MIDI data like a keyboard controller. This video described how to use the software, where to get it, and how it was built. You do not need to be an expert at PD to use this software. You can use the software to control external MIDI devices and software that receives MIDI data.


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