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Sunday Night Synthesis Expands its Scope & A New Series is in the Works

Sunday Night Synthesis S02E04 Title Screen

In this week’s episode of Sunday Night Synthesis, Dr. Lawrence W. Moore announces his expansion of the series to be an all-inclusive weekly series. The series will cover synthesis, sound design, electronic music, and electronic music production. Some episodes will contain tutorials and tips and others will contain impromptu performances.  Since it is a weekly series, Moore intends to use it as a forum for announcements as well.

Additionally, Moore is going to launch another series entitled Learning Electronic Music Production with Reason. This series will involve a wide variety of electronic music concepts, including synthesis, MIDI, signal processing, and mixing.  Reason will be the software used int eh series to demonstrate concepts. One does not need to be a user of Reason in order to benefit fromt he series.  The series will focus on concepts and fundamentals so that acquired knowledge can be applied to other software and even hardware. Those who wish to learn Reason or learn more about it will definitely benefit from the series.

S02E04 – Expanding Our Scope and Having Fun with Reason

In this episode, Lawrence W. Moore expands the scope of Sunday Night Synthesis, the series and announces plans to start a series on electronic music production featuring Reason. Dr. Moore also shows the viewer some interesting things he was able to do in Reason using the SubTractor Synthesizer and the Matrix Step Sequencer. These concepts could also be applied to analog modular synthesizer components and for use in other virtual synthesizer applications in software. This technique of using a pattern player to send CV pitch and gate messages as well as additional CV patterns can help make repetitive lines more dynamic. As a result, one combines repetition with gradual change, which helps to make more entrancing musical ideas. A little bit of filter automation provides icing on the cake.

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