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Synthesis Can be Therapy on a Sunday Night

Sunday Night Synthesis S02E05 Main Title Screen 480x270

The latest episode of Sunday Night Synthesis is a therapeutic, personal sound journey for meditation. Dr. Lawrence W. Moore composes a piece on the spot and gets caught up in the trance that it induces. When one gets beyond the state of thinking about moving knobs in the “right way,” the music just flows and becomes an experience. As the mind sinks into the experience, the voice in the mind becomes quiet.

Meditative states are most effective when the practitioner can soften and ultimately, passively eliminate the internal verbal dialogue that comprises most of our thoughts. While this is not a true meditation per se, this experience where one becomes entranced in their actions and the sound that is produced from it, is very meditative in effect. Ultimately, it makes for a very relaxing experience. Relaxation, as we well know, is therapeutic. Dr. Moore hopes that listening to the piece can be as fruitful as his experience in performing it.

Episode 05 – Therapy Through Synthesis

In this week’s episode of Sunday Night Synthesis, Dr. Lawrence W. Moore begins with the announcement of the new series launch, Learning Electronic Music Production with Reason. The rest of the episode is a look at the composition of a new piece, Therapy Through Synthesis. Dr. Moore begins this performance with an overview of his modular synthesis setup and how the synth modules are integrated with one another. He then demonstrates how the different musical parts in the piece are executed. Then, the performance of the piece begins. the piece uses analog synthesis techniques and approaches to create a very meditative experience. While this is not an official meditation, it is very good for relaxation.

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