Establishment with JoAnna Ursal Main Title Screen

Establishment Performed Live with Choreography and Dance Performance by JoAnna Ursal

Share this:Establishment Live with JoAnna Ursal It was my great honor to work with the fabulous choreographer and dancer, JoAnna Ursal. I was afforded this opportunity to present Establishment at a Compositum Musicae Novae concert where JoAnna performed on Establishment live. Her way of using the cloth and her body form with the video created […]

Beautiful Synchronicities 2 Main Title Screen 480x270

Beautiful Synchronicities Movement II

Share this:Beautiful Synchronicities I The second movement of Beautiful Synchronicities is a very expressive movement. After the first movement establishes the premise and describes synchronicities and some of the metaphysical relationships between the two archetypes within the piece, the second movement then becomes expressive about their meanings. In this movement, Liza Seigido gets to stretch […]