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Sunday Night Synthesis Explores How to Make Ocean Wave Sounds in Pure Data

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Generating ocean wave sounds is a rather simple task in synthesis. One only needs a noise generator and a filter section. What is more involved is how one allows for human control over the wave effect and how one controls parameters to make the sounds more customizable. Pure Data is a perfect digital synthesis environment for doing this. This topic will be explored in more detail and complexity in the future, but this lesson gives one a great start on generating ocean wave sounds. It also talks about what parameters can be controlled so that they can be customized and even expanded on in the future.

Episode 04 – Filtered Noise & Wave Sounds in Pure Data – This is a zip file of the patches used in this video.

In this week’s episode, Dr. Lawrence W. Moore demonstrates the use of filtered noise to make wave sound effects in Pure Data. This episode shows a fairly simple patch that creates the sound of ocean waves using filtered noise. The patch demonstrates the use of the noise~ object for generating white noise and the use of the vcf~ object for filtering that noise. Dr. Moore demonstrates how the patch then uses a generated cosine wave to create the shape of a wave to control the filtered noise. the patch is made in stereo such that the wave sound pans across the stereo spectrum. This patch can be used to make relaxing wave sounds giving the user control over the speed of the waves and the balance between the discrete wave sound and the noise of the ocean background noise. PD provides an easy way to make ocean wave sounds.

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