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Making a Dalek Voice with Ring Modulation in Pure Data

Sunday Night Synthesis S03E06 Main Title Screen 480x270

Those of us who work in the medium of electro-acoustic music frequently have a love for the British Sci Fi TV show, Doctor Who. The older series as well as the enwer series use a lot of electronic music elements in the sound effects and soundtrack for the series. One of the most famous sounds from the series is the classic dalek voice. In this epsidoe of Sunday Night Synthesis, we see how to make a dalek voice effect using Pure Data.

Episode 06 – Ring Modulation – Making a Dalek Voice from Doctor Who – This is a zip file of the patches used in this video.

In this week’s episode of Sunday Night Synthesis, we will be using Pure Data to employ amplitude modulation and ring modulation, more specifically. This is an effect that one can use to imitate a dalek voice, from the popular British science fiction series, Doctor Who. One can also use this effect on instruments and non-vocal samples as well. Ring modulation can be used in real-time or as an effect applied to recorded samples. ring modulation and amplitude modulation as a whole is one of the fundamental approaches used in synthesis and electronic music as a whole.

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