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Making Mobile Music Apps with Pure Data and MobMuPlat

Sunday Night Synthesis S03E05 Main Title Screen 480x270

If you are experienced in making Pure Data patches to run on your computer, then you just might be interested in expanding your patch making expertise tot he mobile device realm. This can be greatly simplified by using the Mobile Music Platform, MobMuPlat. MobMuPlat allows one to make GUI screens for controlling PD patches and provides an Android and iOS-based platform to run the patches and the interfaces you design on your mobile device. This week’s Sunday Night Synthesis gives one an exposure to utilizing MobMuPlat with PD.

Episode 05 – Making Mobile Music Apps with MobMuPlat & Pure Data – This is a zip file of the patches used in this video.

Pure Data is a very powerful programming environment for digital audio, synthesis, and music in general. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have very nice controls and graphic user interface possibilities. One answer to this is to use MobMuPlat, mobile music platform, to create graphic user interfaces for your PD patches. These interfaces can the run in tandem with the Pure Data patches that you create in the MobMuPlat platform for iOS and Android operating systems. In other words, you have the power of PD on your cell phone or tablet. MobMuPlat has all sorts of graphic widgets that one can use and allows for one to utilize custom graphics that can be integrates with the MobMuPlat backgrounds and widgets. This video shows a basic Pure Data patch and the creation of a simple MobMuPlat interface to introduce the concept. If viewers would like more tutorials on this subject, they are encouraged to leave a comment to voice their desire for more.

MobMuPlat can be found at
Pure Data can be found at

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