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As I add more and more videos from my repertoire to the new website, I am posting some of the videos for those who have not been exposed to them yet. This piece, Water is a piece composed by Momilani Ram strum, using Pure Data and a MIDI-glove that she made for using as a trigger for live processing done in PD. Momilani and I met at the Transy 2011 Electronic Music Festival at the University of Transylvania in Lexington, Kentucky. She admired my piece, Angel Wing and asked me to do a video for one of her pieces. From the selections that she gave me, I selected WateR, and this collaborative piece is the result.


  • Music composed and recorded by Momilani Ramstrum
  • Video created by Lawrence W. Moore


Water is a voice processing piece composed and performed by Momilani Ramstrum, who asked Lawrence W. Moore to produce the video for the piece. Moore strove to express water at an elemental level as well as at an abstract level in complementing the sound of the piece. The gestures employed by the voice are highlighted, expressed, and brought into vivid, colorful life by the use of fractal imagery.

Tools Utilized

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