LWM Music News

A New Studio Design and What Videos are Coming Up

Dr. Lawrence W. Moore announces what new videos will be coming up in LWM Music's plans for summer synthesis, electronic music, and electro-acoustic music tutorials. Moore will be hosting a new series on MobMuPlat (Mobile Music Platform) and Pure Data, which will show viewers how to build graphic user interfaces for controlling PD patches on mobile devices. Moore will also be continuing the Learning Electronic Music Production with Reason series. Additionally, Lawrence will also be looking at turning Sunday Night Synthesis into a live streaming event in the future. All in all, LWM Music has plans to grow over the summer.

Moore also shows viewers his new studio setup, which now features a Mackie 32 channel, 8 bus analog mixing console. This mixer is to be used for analog summing in the mixing process. To take full benefit of this mixer, Moore is now using two MOTU 16A interfaces, networked via ethernet cable. The MOTU AVB line of interfaces allow one to treat multiple interfaces as one interface. This setup will be used for the mixing of the upcoming Wayfarer album release, "A Wayfarer's Journey," which is also the soundtrack for the YouTube Minecraft series by the same name at The Wayfarer Project Channel on YouTube.

Taking it to the Next Level

The latest news from LWM Music is the website update and some fixes/updates that have been made to the YouTube channel. This inaugural video explains the updates and the reorganization of the website. Dr. Lawrence W. Moore hopes that viewers and subscribers enjoy the new look and find it easy to navigate.

Now that the website will be easier to maintain, videos will be produced with more frequency. Sunday Night Synthesis will continue to be a potpourri of synthesis topics, but will no longer be used for announcements. The new series, LWM Music News will be used for that.

Learning Synthesis with Pure Data will continue to be a software synthesis development series and the LWM Rack software development will continue. Learning Electronic Music Production with Reason shall also continue. There is a potential for a series on utilizing MobMuPlat for GUI development in using Pure Data to build synthesizers, effects processors, and mother music production tools for mobile devices.

As always, Dr. Lawrence W. Moore is open to requested topics and ideas for future videos.